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U.S. Cruisers: An Illustrated Design History review ☆ 103 Ë ❰Ebook❯ ➠ U.S. Cruisers: An Illustrated Design History Author Norman Friedman – Like other books in Norman Friedman's design history series this one pays attention to all designs even those that never left the drawing boLike other books in Norman Friedman's design history An Illustrated PDF #10003 series this one US Cruisers eBook #8608 pays attention to all designs even those that never left the drawing Cruisers An Illustrated eBook #8608 board since every proposal made is a link in the evolution of the cruiser force Friedman a recognized authority on US warships uncovers the reasoning behind the many radical changes in US cruiser design which culminated in the series of Aegis missile ships He deals both with evolving technology and with those changes in the doctrine and role of the US Navy that clearly affected cruiser designBecause the nature of the cruiser is somewhat ill defined his book discusses a wide variety of ships from the battleship like ard cruisers of the turn of the century the battle cruisers of to scout cruisers and the Atlantas ships that were in many ways enlarged destroyers It. Part of an amazing series Battleships Destoryers etc this book captures the history of the Cruiser in the US NavyThe discussions of evolution of Cruiser design through each class along with a discussion of the external factors in the design the Washington Treaty budget Navel Politics is fasinating Any Big shipbig gun fan will return to this book over and over again The photos are incredable especially when you have the pre war config early wartime config battle damage and analysis and detailed photos of refitThis book goes a long way in helping to undrestand the weeknesses of US Cruiser design that contributed to many of the problems faced early in the war and the changes made as a result Not being a Naval Officer much of the thought processes involved in trading armor for speed or guns stability issues and armerment mix were a mystery This book makes sense of these issues and provides a look into elements of the Navy one might otherwise never considerA must for anyone seriously interested in warships

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Prescribed by the London Treaty of as examples of attempts to exploit treaty restrictionsAlso carefully examined are the many post World War II cruiser projects both those that were built like the nuclear powered Long Beach and those that were not like the specialized command ship of In every case the author discusses not merely what was tried but why it succeeded or failedAD Baker III and Alan Raven have drawn detailed scale outboard and plan views of each cruiser class and of major modifications to many classes The author has provided inboard profiles and sketches of abortive projects Numerous photographs complement the text Appendices include ship characteristics and data on ship careers US Cruisers is essential reading for those concerned with the future of the US Navy Naval historians and architects alike will find this the most comprehensive reference available on the subject. ok

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U S Cruisers An Illustrated Design HistoryCovers the emergence of peace cruisers which were essentially large gunboats and the post command and missile cruisers The World War II Alaska class large cruisers are also includedFriedman shows how the path from the first steel cruisers to the ultramodern Ticonderogas defines many of the themes of US naval development the transition from a coastal defensecommerce raiding navy to a navy designed to seize and exploit command of the world's oceans and from a navy of independent cruisers on foreign stations to a battle fleet navy and then a carrier navyArms control is another important theme of this book Friedman explains how cruiser design muchthat the design of any other category of ship has been affected by the constraints of naval arms limitation treaties He uses the Erie class gunboat a slow cruiser and the original Cleveland an abortive design that stayed within the ton limit. a wide rangingeconomicpoliticaltechnical and operational factors account of us cruisersi have numerous norman friedman authored books and this conforms to his very high standards it has to be the best book ever produced on the subjectone must also give the highest praise to the superb ship plans by ad baker and alan ravenone minimal comment i still find it hard to view the alaskas as large cruisers and not battlecruisers