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Summary Canadian Airborne Forces since 1942 (Elite) ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ë [Ebook] ➩ Canadian Airborne Forces since 1942 (Elite) By B Horn PhD – Osprey's detailed study of the fascinating and proud history of the Canadian Airborne Regiments from World War II 1939 1945They fought with distinction for the rest of the North West Europe campaign making a second combat jump at the Rhine crossings in March and fighting in Holland until VE Day In the post war years the Canadian SAS and the Mobile Striking Force maintained an airborne capability formalized in with the raising. Keeping with the ongoing trend of Osprey to provide first rate colour plates combined with information by knowledgeable authors this book is an excellent precis of Canadian airborne soldiers The authors have produced other works on the subject which are well known The colour plates are of a higher standard than many recent Osprey titles and the subject matter is fairly completely covered I've not given a 5 since the book seems to lack the interesting sidebars found in other recent Osprey titles and little attention is actually paid to parachute euipment as the focus of the text is on history Still an invaluable aid to those interested in this subject matter Some bias also slips into the text such as a statement to the effect that all staff officers without exception must dream of commanding an airborne battalion an unfair assumption on the part of the author a former airborne officer However good detail in the coverage including the Militia jump companies

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Of a Canadian Airborne Regt which later served overseas in Cyprus and Somalia Since its disbandment in a parachute capability has been maintained by companies of light infantry units – Royal e Regt Princess Patricia's and Royal Canadian Regt which served against the Taliban and al uaida in Afghanistan –. I purchased this book for my Father who was a member of the Canadian Ariborne Forces He enjoyed the memories and it gave us a chance to reminise which is always fascinating to hear his stories

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Canadian Airborne Forces since 1942 EliteOsprey's detailed study Forces since MOBI #245 of the fascinating and proud history of the Canadian Airborne Regiments from World War Canadian Airborne EpubIIto the present day The st Canadian Parachute Bn jumped into Normandy on D Airborne Forces since Epub #221 Day as part of th British Airborne Division. Boring Airborne forces are obsolete