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read kindle ↠ Kilimanjaro Ö dcmdirect í [EPUB] ✼ Kilimanjaro - the trekking guide to Africa's highest mountain, 4th: (includes Mt Meru and guides to Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Moshi and Marangu) (Trailblazer Trekking Guides) By Henry Stedman – At 19341ft Kilimanjaro is Africas highest mountain YeKing maps in the proven Trailblazer style; all walking times are indicated along with points of interest and gradientsThis top selling guide from Trailblazer is now in its fourth editio Back in 2012 a friend and I decided we wanted to climb Kilimanjaro but we didn't have a clue where to begin There's bound to be a book I thought so I had a look and plumped for Henry's; boy am I glad I did My version was the previous one to this and we only travelled at the start of July this year 2014 so it would be understandable if some things were a little out of date or not mentioned at all For instance in my book there is no mention of Fifi's restaurant in Arusha on Themi Road which is just off Sokoine Road very near the clock tower which is absolutely fantastic The food is wonderful and most importantly the bottles of Kilimanjaro lager are brought with a chilled glass DelightfulI digress The book covers everything you can think of UK based agencies local agencies in the cities as well as the citiestowns themselves with hotellodgeb&b reviews restaurant reviews and maps to help you locate anything you want to find There is euipment lists advice on AMS jabs malari and other such things There is even a small SwahiliEnglish section so you can pick up some basics to help you get by politely and throw in 'poa kichizi kama ndizi ndana ya friji' in response to a street tout's standard 'jambo' and you might not get pestered uite so often It's not rude it means 'cool crazy like a banana in a fridge' but it might help convince them you aren't 'just another tourist'All the routes up the mountain are covered in great detail with daily route maps telling you what you are likely to see what routes are best and what things let other routes down Henry is delightfully candid in his description of the long drop toilet facilities on some of the busier routes which helps give the feeling that the book is written by 'someone like you' who is trying to inform you about what to expect as opposed to someone who just wants to sell books you will also read about the flora and fauna and the Chagga Basically everything is coveredIn the end so impressed by the uality of the book we ended up booking our entire trek and safari through Henry himself and it was absolutely wonderful This book is an absolute must for anyone with ambitions of climbing this most beautiful of mountains

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At 19341ft Kilimanjaro is Africas highest mountain Yet with no mountaineering skills necessary to reach the summit even non climbers can experience the thrill of climbing one of the wor excellent

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Kilimanjaro the trekking guide to Africa's highest mountain 4th includes Mt Meru and guides to Nairobi Dar es Salaam Arusha Moshi and Marangu Trailblazer Trekking GuidesLds greatest peaks Includes full practical details getting to Tanzania and Kenya town guides and maps to Nairobi Dar es Salaam Arusha Moshi and Marangu Routes covered on 35 detailed wal Well written with a wealth of information