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Doc É Travel Guide ↠ Tegegne Shiferaw Nd phrases are written in both Geez and English alphabets alongside a multitude of detailed explanations and tips on each of the words and phrases If you have been planning to learn Amharic and Geez alphabets this can be a great opportunity to extend on it With its rather deep tips firsthand facts practical words and phrases this book could serve as your mini dictionary and second guide on the lifespan of your stay This book is inspired by the assumption that a visit will not be complete if it is not supplemented by at least a basic knowledge of the language that the community you intend to visit speaks This is actualized only when you intermingle with the local community breath their air speak their language and live like one of them than being the usual tourist which symbolizes being an outsider who jumps from site to site with his camera on and forget to

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Download Ethiopia Travel Guide Book ´ Travel Guide ´ Tegegne shiferaw ï [PDF / Epub] ☄ Ethiopia - Travel Guide: Over 200 Useful Facts, Tips, and Amharic-English Words and Phrases By Tegegne Shiferaw – With its ancient history and symbolic black civilization and independe Sit and talk with the local people Tourists shouldn’t be just eyes; you can visit Ethiopia but you will only visit the land if you don’t speak the language of the people True is to visit the inner world of a community and the route to it is through their communal language This book contains over 200 basic facts useful tips and crucial words and phrases that will help you develop your basic tourist Amharic and it will euip you answer the following relevant uestions How do I ask for directions? How can I negotiate with a local shopper? How can I surprise a local beauty with my Amharic? How will I ask if really need a bathroom? How would I communicate if I felt hungry? How would I call for help in Amharic if I got stolen? How do I say “I am sick” in Amharic? How do Ethiopians say in Amharic when they eat something tasty? And a lotis included in the book

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Ethiopia Travel Guide Over 200 Useful Facts Tips and Amharic English Words and PhrasesWith its ancient history and symbolic black civilization and independence Ethiopia the land of Lucy the mosaic of numerous and mesmerizing tribal cultures the source of Blue Nile the motherland of olympic gold medalist middle and long distance runners keeper of the Ark of the Covenant is one of the most intriguing nations in the whole of Africa and it is my pleasure to tell you that your decision to visit this iconic nation will be the most life changing experiences you will have And it is the duty of this book to provide you with crucial facts about the nation useful tips on your journey relevant and appropriate words and phrases necessary on the duration of your stay in Ethiopia The book is primarily designed to those of you who want to visit Ethiopia and curious enough to learn basic Amharic language To make it even a loteasier and fun the Amharic words a