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Read Û North of South: An African Journey (Penguin Modern Classics) Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Á ➹ [Read] ➵ North of South: An African Journey (Penguin Modern Classics) By Shiva Naipaul ➼ – In the 1970s Shiva Naipaul travelled to Africa viLe His journey of discovery is brilliantly documented in this intimate comic and controversial portrayal of a continent on the brink of chan. An outstanding book written by the lesser known Naipaul brother Not as famous as his Nobel prize winning sibling he was actually a better writer than VS Naipaul in my opinion This book is about his trips to Africa and he gives a very nuanced view of what he encountered there Tragic this man died so young He had great promise as a writer

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In the s Shiva Naipaul South An PDFEPUB #233 travelled to Africa visiting Kenya Tanzania and Zambia for several months Through his experienc. I'm trying very hard to figure out how I can review this book without coming across as an ignorant bubble headed liberal or a rabid racist Hmmm I don't think it's going to happen North of South by the late Shiva Naipaul is essentially a travelogue of a trip to parts of Africa in the 1970's specifically Kenya Tanzania and Zambia Welded to the descriptions of people and scenery are sharp observations on class racism government and colonialism Naipaul's eye misses nothing during his travel and his anecdotes are both humorous and sad It was interesting to see that this guy is the brother of VS Naipaul who recently won a Nobel Prize for Literature Anyway this book is not going to be found on the syllabus of any black studies classes anytime soonNorth of South reveals Africa in all of its glory degenerate corrupt and lazy What really stands out is how Africans have taken Western ideas and applied them to their own situations often with laughable results Take the case of Tanzanian Socialism Naipaul can barely contain a chuckle at the absurdity of this situation Almost everyone he meets praises the administration but almost no one has any true sense of what it's all about to be fair the same could be said for most nations The corruption is truly astonishing Bribery abounds everywhere especially at border crossings where tourists are routinely harassed and threatened with imprisonment if their papers aren't in order A story in which Naipaul is conned when he gets a shoeshine is a good example Not only does the guy ruin his shoes he tries to overcharge him in the process Naipaul constantly has to shell out the bucks to get even the most basic services if he gets them at all Hotels are run down traps prostitution is epidemic and beggars and the unemployed are everywhere The few situations where something actually works are attributed to the presence of white expatriates and even here there is the danger that the black government will step in at any minute and expel the whitesProbably the most bothersome aspect of this book and one that costs Naipaul a star in my review is the bias Naipaul shows in regards to the Asian population in Africa The Asians are actually of Indian descent as is Naipaul Naipaul reveals that Africans are prejudiced against these Indians and he seems to take it personally what a surprise Blacks can actually be racists Much time is spent on this problem and it opens Naipaul up to charges of retaliatory prejudice Naipaul is much effective when he shows how both blacks and whites have their racist attitudes and how both races have been brought down together through the process of colonialismThis is an obscure book that probably will never get much attention in the politically correct atmosphere of America If you want to make a liberal's head explode buy this book and tuck it into their stocking next Christmas If you need a break from the multicultural crowd this is the book for you

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North of South An African Journey Penguin Modern ClassicsEs the places he visited and his various encounters he aimed to discover what liberation revolution and socialism meant to the ordinary peop. I really enjoyed reading this