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Doc Ñ Bright Lights ✓ No City An African Adventure on Bad Roads with a Brother and a Very Weird Business Plan Î Dcmdirect Ö ➹ [Download] ➵ Bright Lights, No City: An African Adventure on Bad Roads with a Brother and a VerCould use to power their flashlights and radios as well as to charge their cell phones If successful he planned to grow a larger for profit business based on those batteries creating a trusted African brand that would provide life enhancing products services and jobs without relying on charityGhana however presents extraordinary challenges and the brothers wage daily battles against deadly insects insane driving conditions unspeakable food voodoo priests corrupt officials counterfeiters and ethnic rivalries on their way to success From signing up customers who earn a I'll recommend this book to anyone trying to start a business in Ghana The book brings out the raw facts The fact that running business in Ghana is not a walk in the park and also the fact that one will not get profits overnightsStarting and running a business reuires patience and hard workThe book also touches on tourist aspects of Ghana in an unconventional wayI sometimes got lost wondering whether it was Whit speaking or Alexander but all in all it was a good readThanks for documenting the journey

Doc ↠ No City An African Adventure on Bad Roads with a Brother and a Very Weird Business Plan ✓ Max Alexander

The hilarious story of two brothers a truckload of batteries and a brilliant plan to bring light and new business opportunities to GhanaAt age 47 Whit Alexander the American co founder of the Cranium board game decided to start a new business selling affordable goods and services to low income villagers in Ghana West Africa His brother Max a journalist came along to tell the story Neither of them could have anticipated just how much of an adventure they'd find thereIn Ghana Whit's initial goal is to market a high uality rechargeable AA battery that off grid villagers Having dabbled a little with social enterprise in West Africa I can say this book provides a very candid and warm portayal of the challenges and rewards facedThe uality of writing is superb and I was delighted by the author's wit humour compassion and insightfulnessIt's a little irreverent sometimes but I felt the book was extremely honest It's impossible to read it without being full of admiration for what Whit Alexander is doing in Ghana Read this book and you will be moved amused fascinated and immensely better informed than you could ever be by attending lectures or conferences on the subject of social enterprise This real life account is immensely helpful

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Bright Lights No City An African Adventure on Bad Roads with a Brother and a Very Weird Business PlanFew dollars a month at most to training employees with no Western style work experience the brothers uickly learn that starting a business in Africa reuires single minded focus a sense of humor and a lot of patienceAlong the way Whit and Max relive their own childhood bickering across the African bush and learning a great deal about Africans as well as themselves Irreverent hilarious and ultimately inspiring Bright Lights No City challenges accepted notions of charity shows the power of broadening your horizons and suggests that there is hope and opportunity in Africa Saw the original review in the Wall Street Journal the day of its publication ordered it from and it arrived in less than 24 hours That way I could read it and suggest it to my summer social enterprise class Bright lights no city is a clever take on the original Bright lights big city and a spot on manual for aspiring social entrepreneurs Who would have thought that recycling recharging and returning batteries would be both a social and financial solution? It takes an entrepreneur with the mind that could create Cranium and a previous life living in Africa to put it all togetherBright lights is both an interesting funny human story it is close to being a textbook for a social entrepreneur Whit Alexander and his author brother engaged in a highly unconventional start up in perhaps the most unlikely of places Rather than try to build a business in a wealthy country or market Whit Alexander found and created opportunity amongst the people of a truly poor economy It is part of the general notion of the fortune at the bottom of the pyramid without the fortune where people have cell phones but no electricity where they have an economy and not much of a formal market see also The stealth economy Alexander does not condescend to these people nor does he offer charity Instead using a creative combination of personal and financial capital along with a clear headed drive to serve an underserved market he sells brighterlouder to a dark uiet portion of the world economy and learns how to better serve his customers through the natural market of customer feedback Embracing the locals as well as American college interns Brigham Young Alexander and his crew of evolving market missionaries work small economic miracles This is capitalism without the stereotypic greed building a sustainable market and economy through innovation wealth creation and enhanced human capital You can stay abreast of their company Burro at their website Funny fascinating colorful thought provoking and practical And a great education