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DOC æ READER Algeria Pre FREE ´ JEAN MARC BERTRAND ✓ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Algeria Pre-colonial History, Colonial Era, and self-governance: Religious information, ethnic groups, government and politics Author Jean Marc Bertrand – Inside Algeria life early history of Algeria governInside Algeria life early history of Algeria government of Algeria Politics People and environment A new generation of Muslim leadership emerged in Algeria at the time of World War I and grew to maturity during the 1920s and 1930s It consisted of a small but influential class of volus other Algeri

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Ans whose perception of themselves and their country had been shaped by wartime experiences and a body of religious reformers and teachers Some of these people were members of the few wealthy Muslim families that had managed to insinuate themselves into the colonial system in the 1890s and had wit

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Algeria Pre colonial History Colonial Era and self governance Religious information ethnic groups government and politicsH difficulty succeeded in obtaining for their sons the French education so coveted by progressive Algerians Others were among the about 173000 Algerians who had served in the French army during World War I or the several hundred thousandwho had assisted the French war effort by working in factorie