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The Unwomanly Face of War An Oral History of Women in World War IIGnant account of the central conflict of the twentieth century a kaleidoscopic portrait of the human side of war THE WINNER OF THE NOBEL PRIZE IN LITERATURE xcfor her polyphonic writings a monument to suffering and courage in our timexdxaxcA landmarkxdxTimothy Snyder author ofxaOn Tyranny Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century xcAn astonishing book harrowing and lifeaffirming It deserves the widest possible readershipxdxPaula Hawkins author ofxaThe Girl on the Train xcAlexievich has gained probably the worldxs deepest most elouent understanding of the postSoviet condition She has consistently chronicled that which has been intentionally forgottenxdxMasha GessenxaNational Book Awardxwinning author ofxaThe Future Is History. This book is about things that should never be written about but they happened and have to be recorded The perspective of the women in the middle of war surrounded by men and most of the time trying to put smashed bodies back together without sleep or euipment is desperately moving and sad as is the reflection of an awful front in an awful war Atrocities are just part of daily life and if you sleep badly don’t read this book because things stick with you the small details together constructing unimaginable horrors all told factually and for the most part only with regret You realise that the women interviewed for this book were the ones that didn’t die but many of them died inside prematurely aged and clearly suffering much later on in life from traumatic shock I’d like to see this book given away with all those SAS story books to provide a balanced picture There’s good things like the way on forced marches the women marched three abreast so that the one in the middle could literally sleep on their feet acts of great kindness and love as well but then there are the haunting events like the surrounded unit who knew they would all die the next day few weapons hugely outnumbered and surrender was not tolerated in that army so the four women soldiers simply slept with everyone that night or at least those who as the teller of the story says could manage it The next day the unit as expected was almost completely wiped out all of the women died

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The Unwomanly Face of War: An Oral History of Women in World War II review ☆ 106 Æ [Reading] ➮ The Unwomanly Face of War: An Oral History of Women in World War II ➶ Svetlana Alexievich – A longawaited English translation of the groundbreaking oral history of womenA longawaited Face of PDF #8608 English translation of the groundbreaking oral history of women in World War II across Europe and Russiaxfrom the winner of the Nobel Prize in LiteratureNAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OFxaTHE YEAR BY The Washington PostxaxxaThe Guardianxax NPR xxaThe EconomistxaxxaMilwaukee Journal SentinelxaxxaKirkus ReviewsFor than three The Unwomanly Epubdecades Svetlana Alexievich has been the memory and conscience of the twentieth century When the Swedish Academy awarded her the Nobel Prize it cited her invention of xca new kind of literary genrexd describing her work as xca history of emotions a history of the soulxd In The Unwomanly Face of PDF #180 Unwomanly Face of War Alexievich chronicles Unwomanly Fac. Not what I was expecting but very worth the timebr Russia and Stalin how terribleThey were fighting the Germans and their owngovernment

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E of War An PDFEPUBthe experiences of the Soviet women who fought on the front lines on the home front and in the occupied territories These womenx than a million in totalxwere nurses and doctors pilots tank drivers machinegunners and snipers They battled alongside men and Unwomanly Face of War An PDFEPUByet after the victory their efforts and sacrifices were forgotten Alexievich traveled thousands of miles and visited than a hundred towns to record these womenxs stories Together this symphony of voices reveals a different aspect of the warxthe everyday details of life in combat left out of the official histories Translated by the renowned Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky The Unwomanly Face of War is a powerful and poi. This is a real eyeopener The hardships and plain everyday unpleasantnesses that the women of the Soviet forces endured are told with great immediacy and impact This book is a compilation of many years of work by a Russian female journalist who travelled all over the country long after the war talking with veterans about what they experienced Each person's memories are told in their own words some taking up only a paragraph some running to several pagesbr br They are drawn from the front line troops and all manner of other occupations that were necessary to keep the front line soldiers functioning right down to those who washed laundry all through the warbr br Stories of heroism selfsacrifice doomed love and sheer bloodyminded determination abound The difference between this book though and those of most soldiers' recollections is that these are all told from a woman's point of view The contrast between their early years and what they had to become once on active duty is told with a piuancy which I have rarely encountered before This runs through the whole book and extends to the difficulty of their return to civilian life which many of them also describebr br At many points in this book I had tears welling up from the understanding of what they felt and endured The words are for the most part plainly spoken but what they describe is overwhelmingbr br Read this and it will help you to understand why the remembrance of the war is still so important in Russia today; help you begin to understand the immense sacrifice of normality made by so many people in pursuit of driving the Germans out of the country Over three uarters of all German casualties in WWII were on the Eastern Front and this book helps to explain the motivation which drove those who did this to the Wehrmachtbr br Most importantly of all it will bring a deep understanding of the cost of war