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Download The Orchid Thief: A True Story of Beauty and Obsession 107 ✓ [Download] ➶ The Orchid Thief: A True Story of Beauty and Obsession ✤ Susan Orlean – The orchid thief in Susan Orlean's mesmerizing true story of beauty and obsession is John Laroche a renegade plant dealer and sharplThe orchid Thief A PDFEPUB #10003 thief in Susan Orlean's mesmerizing true story of beauty and obsession is John Laroche a renegade plant dealer and sharply handsome guy in spite of the fact that The Orchid eBook #196 he is missing his front teeth and has the posture of al dente spaghetti In Laroche and three Seminole Indians were arrested with rare orchids they had stolen from a Orchid Thief A Kindle #214 wild swamp in south Florida that is filled with some of the world's most extraordinary plants and trees Laroche had planned to clone the orchids and then sell them for a Orchid Thief A True Story PDF or small fortune to impassi. Interesting and informative A fine study of people obsessed with the flowers A look at some aspects of Florida history

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's partners a tribe of Seminole Indians who are still at war with the United StatesThere is something fascinating or funny or truly bizarre on every page of The Orchid Thief the story of how the head of a famous Seminole chief came to be displayed in the front window of a local pharmacy or how iguanas were smuggled into Florida or the case of the only known extraterrestrial plant crime Ultimately however Susan Orlean's book is about passion itself and the amazing lengths to which people will go to gratify it That passion is captured with singular vision in The Orchid Thief a once in a lifetime story by a truly original journalist. The Dutch once endured a consuming mania for tulips Intense competition for bulbs led to bankruptcies resulting from wild speculations families were disrupted and fortunes were won and lost While tulipmania subsided a new mania has arisen More sedate yet widespread orchid collecting is a multimillion dollar business Orlean portrays the passions involved in orchid collection and breeding in this fascinating work Unlike tulips which are limited in species orchids encompass thousands with the number of natural species likely doubled by breeder hybridization Orlean's account depicts the history and business of orchid collecting identifying and commercialisation Orchidmania today is only slightly less intense than that of the 17th Century Dutch Republic Orlean shows that collectors and breeders are highly competitive aggressive personalities ready to engage in whatever is deemed necessary to achieve their goalsOrlean's fascination with orchids began with the arrest and trial of John Laroche collector blackmarketeer and general eccentric Laroche becomes her pivot point for relating the history of orchid growing and collecting in Florida She takes us along on her visits to breeders and collectors She pursues them into Florida swamps and to orchid shows Everywhere she explores and everyone she meets evokes the same feelings vigorous competition unbridled ambition deep suspicion and a continual skirting with the law Through all her encounters Laroche hovers like a malign spirit sometimes guiding her sometimes taunting her She seems captivated by him his eccentricities simultaneously attracting and repelling herThis highly personalised account is a compelling read with Orlean's feelings candidly expressed The persistence of Laroche becomes finally almost tedious The fascinating history of the orchid industry and the other figures she encounters might easily have displaced him as the central character His erratic life with swift changes from one interest to another might interest a psychologist Here LaRoche almost becomes a non seuitor He might have been dispensed with in a chapter Orlean almost unwillingly remains bound to follow his fate to whatever end Her attentions meet indifferent response They're nearly unreuited Still he manages to lead her through the swamps in her new found uest to locate a particular orchid in the wild It's not a pleasant journey but one which she recounts in vivid proseSome readers will know this book was the subject of the film Adaptation The film is the story of the story and in many respects is a better portrayal than Orlean achieves There is far too much well presented information here lacking in the film That redeems whatever faults Orlean may exhibit in this account stephen a haines Ottawa Canada

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The Orchid Thief A True Story of Beauty and ObsessionOned collectors After he was caught in the act Laroche set off one of the oddest legal controversies in recent memory which brought together environmentalists Native American activists and devoted orchid collectors The result is a tale that is strange compelling and hilariousNew Yorker writer Susan Orlean followed Laroche through swamps and into the eccentric world of Florida's orchid collectors a subculture of aristocrats fanatics and smugglers whose obsession with plants is all consuming Along the way Orlean learned the history of orchid collecting discovered an odd pattern of plant crimes in Florida and spent time with Laroche. Excellent and most interesting story