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CHARACTERS é Vizsla: The Complete Owners Guide Î [Reading] ➿ Vizsla: The Complete Owners Guide ➶ Margaret Davis – This book is probably the most BREED SPECIFIC comprehensive detailed and complete manual available The book covers everything that you need to know to successfully care for and understanNging training areas which your dog will love The objective is to provide you and your dog with the type of training that this breed greatly benefits from and replicates what these dogs were originally bred to do and are happiest doing The additional emphasis and objective of the book is providing the average pet owner who is looking for information on understanding the breed and how to best care for and deal with their new dog Also included are many useful resourceswebsite links detailing further reading organisations and all the essentials you will need as well as places to buy By the time you finish this book you will be fully euipped with the knowledge to be the best Vizsla owner you can beOnce again the book has been written by a highly experienced dog handler behaviourist and trainer who has successfully coached both dogs and owners over a lifetime In addition many expert breeders and owners as well as practitioners in the fields of canine behavioural psychology veterinary health and ownership have contributed with invaluable advice and tips So whether you are looking for basic instruction oradvanced advice you will find it all her. Awaiting our new Vizsla puppy to be old enough to leave mum this book is excellent and covers absolutely everything a new owner needs to know

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Owners ePUB #10003 book include Written and compiled by a very experienced dog trainer behaviourist and owner Detailed chapters on training behavioural problems health grooming breeders where to buy rescue dogs etcAll of the training both initial obedience and advanced training as well as other chapters and steps you will need to follow is provided in a very clear step by step easy to follow manner Includes all the help and advice as you are likely to need whether you are a prospective dog owner or already have a dog and are looking for extra help and guidance beyond the basicsStep by step guidance relating to things you need to be aware of before you commitDetailed guidance taking you step by step preparing for the arrival and then what you will need to do from day one A dedicated chapter summarising and walking you through what to expect and things you will need to do each week from day one until your puppy matures The training is given in two chapters Initial obedience covers everything you are likely to need if you are limited for time and simply want a well behaved dog An advanced chapter is given if you wish to progress intochalle. Great book I’ve had dogs before but not a puppy also I know that Vizslas need a different approach to training After reading this I feel much confident in welcoming our new family member Sure I will be rereading the training chapters Contains lots of in depth information from detailed nutrition to advanced gun dog training


Vizsla The Complete Owners GuideThis book Complete Owners ePUB #10003 is probably the most BREED SPECIFIC comprehensive detailed and complete manual available The book covers everything that you need to know to successfully care for and understand this Gundogsporting dogThe book is uniue as it includes both BASIC obedience and ADVANCED GUN DOG TRAINING in one jargon free easy to follow program The basic obedience training will maintain an obedient well mannered dog The advanced training will give your dog the type of training that they will love and were bred to follow ensuring a motivated stimulated happy and healthy dog Vizsla The MOBI #181 The advanced training program is identical to the type of training used by professional Gundog trainers but you are not necessarily training your dog to hunt but following the type of training that these Gundogs excel at and love to do all presented in a very user friendly fun easy to follow step by step format Within its pages this book is packed with valuable information about caring for this breed It covers in detail the shorthaired Hungarian Vizsla the Wire haired VizslaSome of the key points you will find in this The Complete. I just received this book in the mail and it was completely printed backwards How am I suppose to read it