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review ç E-book, or Kindle E-pub Õ Soren Kierkegaard Sren Kierkegaardwas a Danishphilosopher theologian poetsocial criticand religious author who is widely considered to be the firstexistentialistphilosopher He wrote critical texts onorganized religionChristendommoralityethicspsychology. Søren Aabye Kierkegaard is considered the Father of Existentialism by many and this Danish author worked across a number of disciplines from philosophy and theology through to social criticism literature psychology ethics and morals and so on Alive in the Danish Golden Age so he was a prolific thinker and writer able to make his thoughts on numerous subjects understoodA Christian and someone who believed in concrete reality than the esoteric so Kierkegaard is an interesting author to read even if you do not necessarily agree with everything he writes Some people shy away from someone like this philosopher because they do not agree with all his points and proposals never realising that for philosophy and other related subjects to expand then there is a need to uestion others and create theories and reasons why they are wrong or right Doing this of course helps all of humanity in the long term as it leads to newer breakthroughs and ideas on how to cope with other problems and of course exercise all our brainsKierkegaard has always had his critics and always will do but that does not detract from his work making us think about something such as Abraham told to sacrifice his son by God and so on with his reasoning behind these issues carefully thought out Highly influential not only on a number of people in the religious world so his writings have been taken up by authors and those from many different walks of lifeNot at times necessarily an easy read so this does give us the basis and framework to consider and build upon and thus even if like me you are an atheist or even a non Christian being of another faith there is still a lot to take away from reading a collection such as this This gives us Fear and Trembling Philosophical Fragments Purity of Heart Is to Will One Thing and The Sickness Unto Death There is an active table of contents to each book at the beginning of this and then each book has its own individual active contents table so that you can easily navigate this Within the last couple of decades so the thoughts and ideas of Kierkegaard have become popular than ever and if you do decide to read this then you will realise why With so many self isolating at the present time this is perhaps the most ideal time to read something such as this as you get of a chance of getting some uality undisturbed reading in without the usual distractions of commuting

Free download The Kierkegaard Collection

Free download The Kierkegaard Collection ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ [PDF] ✈ The Kierkegaard Collection ⚣ Soren Kierkegaard – Sren Kierkegaardwas a Danishphilosopher theologian poetsocial criticand religious author who is widely considered to be the firstexistentialistphilosoph Ty over abstract thinking and highlighting the importance of personal choice and commitmentThe Soren Kierkegaard Collection featuresFear and TremblingPhilosophical FragmentsPurity of Heart Is to Will One ThingandThe Sickness Unto Deat. The author repeatedly asserts that Abraham wanted to kill his son This is a false premise Similar to how the young rich ruler who met Jesus did not want to sell all that he had Abraham did not want to part with his son The author seems to either 1 ignore the text that God told Abraham to kill his son and thus Kierkegaard incorrectly assumes that Abraham wanted to kill his son or 2 relies on an imperfect translation in the KJV of Genesis 22 that says God did tempt Abraham A accurate translation is that God decided to test Abraham The book “on fear and trembling” is essentially a long winded reflection on why people admire a man who according to Kierkegaard wanted to kill his son

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The Kierkegaard CollectionAnd thephilosophy of religion displaying a fondness for metaphorironyandparables Much of his philosophical work deals with the issues of how The Kierkegaard PDF one lives as a single individual giving priority to concrete human reali. The Kierkegaard of popular imagination is such a caricature Beginning already in his lifetime Kierkegaard is the eccentric the flaneur the Don uixote who voices a heroic Christianity whose day is long pastWhat this caricature misses is that Kierkegaard was one of the great literary minds of the nineteenth century In his writings he distinguishes between the Christian who brings eternity into this world and the genius of the imagination I would argue that Kierkegaard is both genius and Christian An analogy with a twentieth century author might help illustrate the power of Kierkegaard’s mindJRR Tolkien is often remembered as the author of the charming children’s story the Hobbit Some may know that he also authored the Lord of the Rings Fewer know that he invented many languages for his fictitious elves orcs and men to speak Only rarely is it recognized that the whole creation of Middle Earth with its histories peoples epic poems legends and languages was all in the service of building a mythology that should serve as a propaedeutic for Christianity Tolkien was not simply the author of a timeless children’s book He was a genius to invent a world with the depth and believability of Middle EarthKierkegaard chose a variation of this path What he created were books by imaginary authors who spoke in their own voice could comment on each others’ works and were selected from the different kinds of humanityMost writers struggle to write with a uniue and authentic voice Kierkegaard created many distinct and consistent voices All of these from the aesthete to the philosophical ironist to the hedonist were in the service of a greater project Awakening his fellow Danes from conventional Christianity to an awareness of its true greatness and powerLike all great writers it’s worth reading Kierkegaard just to appreciate this genius Add to this the fact that his works were concerned with the existential—what it means to be human—makes for writings with perennial pertinenceOne of Kierkegaard’s pseudonymous authors says that he stood in awe of Abraham as the exemplar of faith I stand in awe of the genius of Kierkegaard Too bad that he has become of a caricature and less and less recognized as one of the great minds of humanity