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Box 88 AUTHOR Charles Cumming characters Ù 7 ☆ ✤ Box 88 Download ➸ Author Charles Cumming – An organisation that doesn’t existA spy that can’t be caughtYears ago a spy was born1989 The Cold War will soon be over but for BOX 88 a top secret spying agency the espionage game is heating up L An orgAnd brutally tortured Kite has a choice reveal the truth about what happened in France thirty years earlier – or watch his family dieIn a battle unlike anything he has faced before Kite must use all his skills to stay alive’A spy for the st century’Daily Mail Books of the Year‘Wonderfully taut exciting and up to date’Spectator Books of the Year‘An ambitious fusion of coming of age novel and gripping espionage thriller’Financial Times Books of the Year‘BOX is so good Charles Cumming is up there with the very best espionage writers’ Ian Rankin‘A wonderful spy novel Char. I am a huge admirer of Charles Cummings and have read all of his books with huge pleasure I have to confess however that I am struggling with Box 88 It is clear that the School referred to is all but in name Eton College and where the author and my son were both educated; were contemporaries and coincidentally where the main character Kite is said to have been educated from 1984 Because I am struggling with the book I am not progressing with my reading of it as I would normally I am hoping that if I can get beyond Chapter 12 my interest and enjoyment will improve I very much hope so because I would be very disappointed not to count it amongst Cummings' successes I also find the constant reference to past events very frustrating and the detail boring This is very common in literature plays and films today to the extent that one loses track of the main plot

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An organisation that doesn’t existA spy that can’t be caughtYears ago a spy was born The Cold War will soon be over but for BOX a top secret spying agency the espionage game is heating up Lachlan Kite recruited from an elite boarding school is sent to France tasked with gathering intelligence on an enigmatic Iranian businessman implicated in the Lockerbie bombing But what Kite uncovers isterrifying than anyone expectedNow he faces the deadliest decision of his life MI hear rumours of BOX ’s existence and go after Kite – but Iranian intelligence have got to him first Taken captive. A 5 gem of a novel combining all the thrills and spills of the modern spy genre with the satisfying emotional heft of a young man’s coming of age A sort of “Bildungsthriller”Author Charles Cumming’s latest offering is his most ambitious yet Not for the detailed expose of the modern spy’s tradecraft though he has plenty of fun knitting together the recent past with the current clandestine world of espionage; both state sponsored and off the books deep state malarkey But rather Cumming has raised the bar in terms of his works’ development of character and our understanding of how his lead character Lachlan “Lockie” Kite has become the man the spy he is todayThis is not the kiss kiss bang bang of standard genre Though it doesn’t lack for action in either respect More kiss kiss moral dilemma personal growth bang bang A very modern thriller most Le Carré like But this is the Le Carré RIP of a A Perfect Spy as nuanced in the origin story as the tradecraftA fractured narrative switches back and forth between the spy Lockie is today and the child then young man he was creating a bridge between the two worlds The privileged corridors of Lockie’s boarding school a thinly disguised proxy for Eton Cumming’s own childhood home from home prime him all too well for the duplicitous world of Box 88 a black ops outfit investigating the Libyan terror cell behind LockerbieThat Lockie is recruited by one of his teachers to go deep under cover in his Gap Yah is the book’s central conceit Cumming sweeps the reader along so adroitly that you barely give the moral hazard inherent in such a recruitment a second thought Instead the writing is so evocative of time and place with its period detail that you can almost feel the heat hear the crunch of a loafer on gravel Club Tropicana on the radio It plunges the reader into the delight of that Summer when school is out and the world is rich with the promises of adventure of sex of your whole life ahead of youAny nostalgia for those days are in Kite’s case compromised by the double life of deceit and betrayal that he chose then for ueen and country and our allies Would any of us chosen otherwise had the careers office offered “international man of mystery” And of course his actions as a young man have conseuences in the gripping present day plot of kidnap and revenge which pulses through the novel on alternate beatsThe novel is a weighty hard back of 140000 words or so but it wears its length lightly Lightest of all on a Kindle The Kite character is one we come to understand deeply and like hugely and it is perhaps no great spoiler to note that he prevails Wins the day Gets the girl And it seems highly likely we will meet him again I can’t wait to see what became of the boy who lost his innocence so completely one hot Summer at the end of the eighties

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Box 88 AUTHOR Charles CummiLes Cumming’s most ambitious – and his best – yet’ Mick Herron‘Charles Cumming has breathed new life into the spy novel’ Ben Macintyre‘Atmospheric and full of sharply realised characters’Sunday Times‘A clever thriller’Sun‘Intelligence grace and stunning verisimilitude’ Gregg Hurwitz‘An engaging hero’ James Swallow‘All the hallmarks of the finest spy thriller’ Charlotte Philby‘Sharp eyed and satisfying’ Henry Porter‘A great new spy hero is born’ Amanda Craig‘Ideal for anyone nostalgic for their first love and the whiff of Marlboro Lights’The Time. A proper page turner and I especially loved the 19892019 parallel story line with all its period detail Wonderful locations history and intrigue and feels really fresh and unusualCan't wait for the next book in the series and from Lachlan and Martha Highly highly recommend that you read this