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New Science Penguin ClassicsS to poetics money to monsters and family structures to the Flood Marking a crucial turning point in humanist thinking New Science has remained deeply influential since the dawn of Romanticism inspiring the work of Karl Marx and even influencing the framework for Joyce's Finnegan's Wa James Joyce used Vico's theory of 'ricorso' to structure the unreadable Finnegan's Wake Being a history undergraduate I am naturally critical of the theory of 'ricorso' a revolving or repetition in history due to the fact that any teleological argument in history is both fallacious and better left to romantic non historians Vico was an obscure figure in his own lifetime; a teacher of rhetoric in Naples not a high paying or illustrious job strangely despite the grandiosity of the title He was a great admirer of Newton I think he even dedicated this book to him with no reply prick Now for the book itself Vico focuses purely on ancient history So if you don't like ancient history do not buy the book He separates ancient history into various 'ages' and argues that they essentially come round and then go away again like a sort of vicious cycle But the book is than a mere theory It is for a Latinist a wet dream of philology and using the evolution of language to attempt to get inside the mind of the ancients for instance he argues that 'urbs' the Latin word for 'city' came from a part of the tool used for demarcating the boundaries of Rome; he also shows that Jupiter comes from the words 'Iov Pater' sky father and uses this to show the pagan influences of language etc His arguments are convincing enough and very interesting; indeed it's one of the few books where on every page something interesting imbeds itself into your mind without being obscure or unnecessary His destruction of Homer if I may call it that is worth the price of admission; it isn't that he hates Homer or anything it's that he is trying to show that the society of Homer far from being a utopia of sorts as classicists would romantically believe was actually highly violent and ignoble I have only scratched the surface of this wonderful book in my review Suffice to say if you are a classicist or ancient historian then this book is worth your money Also I think Vico deserves attention than his contemporaries or posterity has granted him He's a bit of a Cassandra figure uttering prophecies which no one bothers to listen to until it's too late Even if what he says isn't necessarily 'true' in the post modern sense of the word it will make for some fascinating eyebrow raising reading

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EBOOK ´ EPUB New Science è Penguin Classics FREE Ú [Epub] ➛ New Science (Penguin Classics) Author Giambattista Vico – Dcmdirect.co.uk Barely acknowledged in his lifetime the New Science of Giambattista Vico 1668 1744 is an astonishingly perceptive and ambitious attempt to decipher the history mythology and lBarely acknowledged in his lifetime the New Science of Giambattista Vico 1668 1744 is an astonishingly perceptive and ambitious attempt to decipher the history mythology and laws of the ancient world Discarding the Renaissance notion of the classical as an idealised model for the mode Vico's New Science Principles of the New Science Concerning the Common Nature of Nations is a standard for anyone interested in Italian and Italian American Studies

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Rn it argues that the key to true understanding of the past lies in accepting that the customs and emotional lives of ancient Greeks and Romans Egyptians Jews and Babylonians were radically different from our own Along the way Vico explores a huge variety of topics ranging from physic This book is incredibly well edited which enabled steady navigation throughout