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READER î DOC Bengali Girls Don't ´ Based on a True Story FREE ✓ [BOOKS] ✮ Bengali Girls Don't: Based on a True Story Author L A Sherman – Tells a triumphant story of a young woman achieving her own personal freedom after enduring years of oppression You will travel with Luky toE with an older man at age My heart ached when I read what horrendous conditions she endured Her Girls Don't Based on a PDF or descriptive writing had me visualizing everything she suffered through I was amazed at Luky's strength and determination she used to survive each day in the hope of one day being home again This is one story that will forever be etched in my mind and heart Maureen Rue Marvellous insight to understanding this part of Bengali culture from a female perspective LA Sherman is the same age as me; I went to school with almost 65% Muslim girls all girls school a lot of whom were Bengali Pakistani some of whom I loved and still do but some I stayed away from because I didn't understand Now I get itI only give this book 4 stars simply because the style of writing was a bit all over the place in terms of use and style of vocabulary although in some respects this suggests she is a grass roots writer and adds a genuine feel to the journey I would also like to read about how she finally broke away from her husband's family to Florida feels a bit short changed Another book perhaps I hope so

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Tells a triumphant story of Don't Based PDF #200 a young woman achieving her own personal freedom after enduring years of oppression You will travel with Luky to Bangladesh and England and back again while experiencing her painful journeys and betrayal by those closest to her Her experiences Bengali Girls ePUB #10003 will provoke an emotional response that causes the reader to rally behind Lu A fascinating biography that begins in East Pakistan soon to be Bangaladesh as the author's parents flee before the military purge instigated by General Yahya Khan We are then taken on a journey that clearly shows the contrasts between Western and Eastern cultures as the author lived through them growing up in Bradford England; having to balance her parents' traditions against her own desire to fit in with the culture of the country she considered to be her home The racism and distrust displayed by people from both cultures is very stark at times and there are disturbing scenes of violence when the invisible lines between the two are seen to be crossed This leads on to the section of the biography dealing with the author's enforced marriage which reads like a waking nightmare in places and reminded me very much of Sylvia Plath's poem 'Purdah' a woman raging and hurting because she has been trapped by others into their shadow never allowed to breathe and just be herself As much as this biography deals with cultural clashes as well as abusive repression and subjugation it is also very illuminating with regard to Muslim and Bengali culture I applaud the author for including sections of dialogue in Bengali with appropriate English translations as opposed to presenting all of the dialogue in English As a reader I found it gave a greater sense of the people being portrayed as certain phrases became familiar and understanding of their meaning and use evolved throughout the narrative The lighter moments of this sometimes harrowing account are also owed to these sections of dialogue I think as we see the affection and love that is contained in a single turn of phrase or a nicknameRecommended

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Bengali Girls Don't Based on a True StoryKy Nicole Renguso Hillsborough County Chair at The Children's Movement of Florida A modern day Cinderella story about the author Luky and her incredible journey from her birth during Bangladesh's liberation war to Girls Don't Based PDFEPUB #233 the present Her desperation to be a 'normal teenager' turned into a nightmare when she was betrayed by her parents and forced into an arranged marriag This is a very sad story of a girl whose life is completely taken from her for the first 30 or years of her life as I will go onto mention the writing of this book makes it confusing at times so not sure on times any The synopsis is full of promise the book itself is full of promise but the writing style and the content lets it down completelyI was pulled in from the first page as it started in the midst of the war between East and West Pakistan and it was an all action start And actually the first third or so of the book was an engaging interesting read and I think it was this that kept me going till the endI was frustrated by the way that the book was full of jumps and gaps and some things not explained enough and others too much Sometimes the book would touch on something that sounded interesting then you'd not hear of it again which was confusing and so frustrating Also once Luky was married it seemed to skim over the whole marriage and skip 17 years in a heart beat which didn't really push home the level of abuse and suffering it was supposed to as it all was so uick compared to the happier beginnings in Bradford I also found it confusing how lots of characters like siblings cousins etc were written about but not introduced properly even at the start we went from Luky being a new born and therefore the youngest with two older brothers to Luky having 3 younger sisters I think not sure Oh and when Luky gave birth it was rushed over like it meant nothing I don't even understand how she got to America I could go on for ages about gaps and confusions I had but on the whole I am trying to say WOW IT WAS GAPPYOne other thing I found difficult was the style of writing jumped around at one point around mid way it changed from being told like a story in third person to being told through transcripts of therapy I think I wasn't totally sure it then jumped back and forth with no warning between the two styles of writing Very strange and seemed like an afterthought to do it that way which was then plonked in half wayOn the whole Luky clearly has a fascinating life story to tell but it needs to be told in a better manner