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The Passage of Power The Years of Lyndon JohnsonUgh Congress essential legislation that at the time of Kennedy's death seemed hopelessly logjammed and seizes on a dormant Kennedy program to create the revolutionary War on Poverty Caro makes clear how the political genius with which Johnson had ruled the Senate now enabled him to make the presidency wholly his own This was without doubt Johnson's finest hour before his aspirations and accomplishments were overshadowed and eroded by the trap of Vietnam In its exploration of this pivotal period in Johnson's life and in the life of the nation The Passage of Power is not only the story of how he surmounted unprecedented obstacles in order to fulfill the highest purpose of the presidency but is as well a revelation of both the pragmatic potential in the presidency and what can be accomplished when the chief executive has the vision and determination to move beyond the pragmatic and initiate programs designed to transform a nation It is an epic story told with a depth of detail possible only through the peerless research that forms the foundation of Robert Caro's work confirming Nicholas von Hoffman's verdict that Caro has changed the art of political biography I came into reading this book without any familiarity with Robert Caro or his previous books on Lyndon Johnson'The Passage Of Power' is a reminder of just how interesting the work of a scholar can be but it's also told in a way that is highly accessible and gripping throughout Anyone vaguely interested in Lyndon Johnson should absolutely read thisIn an age where people are either unfamiliar with President Johnson or place him into their fanatical conspiracy theories usually involving the death of JFK it's nice to read something that is actually researched and factual rather than some rubbish typed on a blogThe length of the book may be off putting to some but it's worth persevering The 60s was an incredibly vibrant time politically and this book embodies that

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eBook Õ The Passage of Power The Years of Lyndon Johnson Read á Robert A Caro ↠ ➜ [KINDLE] ❆ The Passage of Power: The Years of Lyndon Johnson By Robert A Caro ➦ – Dcmdirect.co.uk WINNER OF THE NATIONAL BOOK CRITICS CIRCLE AWARD THE LOS ANGELES TIMES BOOK PRIZE TWINNER OF THE NATIONAL BOOK CRITICS CIRCLE AWARD THE LOS ANGELES TIMES BOOK PRIZE THE MARK LYNTON HISTORY PRIZE THE AMERICAN HISTORY BOOK PRIZE Book Four of Robert A Caro's monumental The Years of Lyndon Johnson displays all the narrative energy and illuminating insight that led the Times of London to acclaim it as one of the truly great political biographies of the modern age A masterpiece The Passage of Power follows Lyndon Johnson through both the most frustrating and the most triumphant periods of his career 1958 to1964 It is a time that would see him trade the extraordinary power he had created for himself as Senate Majority Leader for what became the wretched powerlessness of a Vice President in an administration that disdained and distrusted him Yet it was as well the time in which the presidency the goal he had always pursued would be thrust upon him in the moment it took an assassin's bullet to reach its mark By 1958 as Johnson began to maneuver for the presidency he was known as one of the most brilliant politicians of his time the greatest Senate Leader in our history But the 1960 nomination would go to the young senator from Massachusetts John F Yes it is long Yes it is not a casual read Yes it helps to have read the previous volumes as I havenah nah na NAA na but Robert Caro has done it again This is a brilliant snapshot of Washington politics and backstage manouering as we are likely to get this year Or most other years This volume covers Johnson leaving his post as Senate Majority Leader for the Vice Presidency and his soon realising he has made a huge mistake Tragically the crack of Lee Harvey Oswald's rifle in Dallas saves Johnson from the nothingness of the Veep's non role in governmental affairs and ironically saves LBJ's career but OMG what a storyAnd let it be said here and now this book has the best explanation of Bobby Kennedy and LBJ's longstanding feud you will ever but ever read Caro also goes to great lengths to explain how Bobby Kennedy a most prickly and unlikeable undergraduate while studying at the Univ of Virginia became the warm hearted Senate visionary Democrats still weep over todayThis is a great work a terrific book It will stand tall through the ages and be used in schools for years and years Any American interested in how we got to where we are in the early 21st century should read this

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Kennedy Caro gives us an unparalleled account of the machinations behind both the nomination and Kennedy's decision to offer Johnson the vice presidency revealing the extent of Robert Kennedy's efforts to force Johnson off the ticket With the consummate skill of a master storyteller he exposes the savage animosity between Johnson and Kennedy's younger brother portraying one of America's great political feuds Yet Robert Kennedy's overt contempt for Johnson was only part of the burden of humiliation and isolation he bore as Vice President With a singular understanding of Johnson's heart and mind Caro describes what it was like for this mighty politician to find himself altogether powerless in a world in which power is the crucial commodity For the first time in Caro's breathtakingly vivid narrative we see the Kennedy assassination through Lyndon Johnson's eyes We watch Johnson step into the presidency inheriting a staff fiercely loyal to his slain predecessor; a Congress determined to retain its power over the executive branch; and a nation in shock and mourning We see how within weeks grasping the reins of the presidency with supreme mastery he propels thro It's not often I wish I could give a book than 5 stars This is a superbly written nuanced account of 5 crucial years in the life of Lyndon Johnson and indeed in the life of the United States some of them better known as the Kennedy years Caro gives us political biography as political thriller there were times when as with Mantel's Wolf Hall although I knew what was going to happen it felt as though I didn't And Caro is so very very good at psychological analysis I was going to say we get a warts and all portrayal but Caro actually goes beyond even that to show Lyndon Johnson in all his human complexity It is difficult to believe that a book about this so over told period in American history with so much detailed information on political manoeuvring a 600 page book on such a short period could be so engrossing so absorbing that when you look up from it you have to reorientate yourself I lived through the LBJ years and brought away the memory of an apparently overbearing bully and the relentless chants `hey hey LBJ how many kids did you kill today' during Vietnam now I am aware of a supremely astute and crafty political operator someone who could actually deliver on the rhetoric a poor boy who finally got his dream and endeavoured to create a country which was genuinely for the people all the people The overbearing bully is there and none of Johnson's flaws are glossed over but Caro buttressed by years of painstaking and exhaustive research shows us the man who was prepared to take on what he was told were lost causes because as he said `Well what the hell's the presidency for?' And that is what this book is all about as Caro says in the final paragraph of his introduction `the story of Lyndon Johnson during the opening transition weeks of his presidency is a triumphant story one in which it is possible to glimpse the full possibilities of presidential power of that power exercised by a master in the use of power in a way that is visible at only a few times in American history' The Kennedy men had the Harvard brains but not the political nous This is a book everyone should read and it is uncomfortable reading because it makes us confront hows how ideals can almost certainly only be realised by a readiness to wheel and deal a willingness perhaps to let principles slide the necessity of working within moral grey areas it should be gift wrapped and presented to every new leader of men wherever they may be