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The Tell-Me Tree eBook Æ Kindle Edition Read ã ❰Epub❯ ❧ The Tell-Me Tree Author Karen Inglis – “Hello I am the Tell Me Tree Why don’t you come and sit by me”Beautifully illustrated this gentle picture book invites children to share how they are feeling – whether happy sad or somewherOwnload links to a choice of Tell Me Tree posters for use at home or in the classroom including one where children can add their own friends or family beneath the tree fun templates to help children draw their own tree and links to resources for grown upsSuit This is such a simple yet so effective book that really has helped my 7 year old express herself easily It's such a positive book and it's so important that is this day and age that children are able to make sense of what they're feeling It's such a gentle book but highly effective It's been a huge help in our home and a big hit with my daughter Thank you for creating such a lovely book for young minds

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Able for ages 4 8The Tell MeTreehelpsencourage discussion of feelings and emotions with friends familyand trusted grown ups in a natural wayFrom the international bestselling author ofThe Secret Lake Karen Inglis Stunning pen and ink illustrations by Anne Swi My son found this pretty easy to read and it helps with the repetitiveness to re enforce words The idea of the book is for children to open up about their feelings and if they don't feel they can do it vocally then they can do the tell me tree There are pages at the end where your child can do their own tree This is a lovely book with colourful pictures

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The Tell Me Tree“Hello I am the Tell Me Tree Why don’t you come and sit by me”Beautifully illustrated this gentle picture book invites children to share how they are feeling – whether happy sad or somewhere in betweenthrough conversation drawings or writingIncludes d Don't be deceived by the slimness and simplicity of this book as well as being beautifully illustrated and easy to read it gives children permission to talk about their feelings and acknowledges that it's ok to have a range of feelings from happy and proud to worried and confused Too often children bottle up their emotions not least because they fear upsetting their parents with their concerns and this book gives them a safe space and a prompt to open up about them and encourages them to share their feelings with an appropriate adult whether parent grandparent teacher or anyone elseAlthough several of the pages provide space for the reader to fill in so that it can serve as a workbook in the back are links to free resources to enable you to print out coloured and mono copies of those pages colouring sheets and much so teachers could use with a whole class at no extra cost and families could use them over and over again eg to create a feelings journalGiven that the gentle therapies this book offers writing drawing talking about feelings are so helpful to adults too it may even prompt parents to do the same and in any case it may create in young readers a healthy habit of self analysis that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their livesParticularly important is that the whole tone of the book is upbeat cheerful and positive with happy children of all kinds seen to be enjoying themselves as well as having moments of difficult emotion so the whole thing comes across as constructive and supportiveHighly recommended particularly in times of difficulty such as the covid 19 lockdown crisis during which it has been launched but also useful at any time in a young person's life when difficult emotions may come at them out of the blue even in the happiest of times