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Voices; Tessa met and talked to 15 veterans often visiting them several times Firm friendships were made as their epic journey unfolded on paperThe scale of female involvement in Britain during the Second World War wasn't matched in any other country From 8 million working women just over 7000 were hand picked to work at Bletchley Park and its outstations There had always been girls at the Park but soon they outnumbered the men three to oneA refugee from Belgium a Scottish debutante a Jewish 14 year old and a factory worker from Northamptonshire the Bletchley Girls confound stereotypes But they all have one common bond the war and their highly confidential part in it In th Wow it is uite a readvery lengthy but worth the effort Interesting as most true reads areI found myself getting and involved with not just the work that was being done but with the 'girls' themselves I didn't realize it was uite such a long read yet I was rather sorry when it was the end I just say however that the photos of everyone in the closing pages was terribly welcome in that I rather wished I had known how they looked much earlier on I was born in December 1945 so I have no idea of what went on during the war I recommend this as a well written and researched work

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The Bletchley GirlsE middle of the night hunched over meaningless pieces of paper tending mind blowing machines sitting listening for hours on end theirs was invariably confusing monotonous and meticulous work about which they could not breathe a wordBy meeting and talking to these fascinating female secret keepers who are still alive today Tessa Dunlop captures their extraordinary journeys into an adult world of war secrecy love and loss Through the voices of the women themselves this is a portrait of life at Bletchley Park beyond the celebrated code breakers it's the story of the girls behind Britain's ability to consistently out smart the enemy and an insight into the women they have beco I bought this book for my mother because I know she's interested in Bletchley Park and the work that was carried out there during the last World War She loved reading it although she did find the author's habit of jumping around from one woman's story to the next a bit irritating She felt it would have flowed better if the author had told the women's stories one at a time I'm not sure I agree but I'm reading the book next because it turns out 3 of the 13 women featured went to my old school I certainly hadn't any idea of it when I bought the book

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The Bletchley Girls reader Õ Hardcover read à dcmdirect ✓ [BOOKS] ✭ The Bletchley Girls ✯ Tessa Dunlop – 'Livelyin giving us the daily details of their lives in the women's own voices Dunlop does them and us a fine service' New Statesman'Dunlop is engaging in her personal app'Livelyin giving us the daily details of their lives in the women's own voices Dunlop does them and us a fine service' New Statesman'Dunlop is engaging in her personal approach Her obvious feminine empathy with the venerable ladies she spoke to gives her book an immediacy and intimacy' Daily Mail'An in depth picture of life in Britain's wartime intelligence centreThe result is fascinating and is made all thetouching by the developing friendships between Dunlop and her interviewees' Financial Times The Bletchley Girls weaves together the lives of fifteen women who were all selected to work in Britain's most secret organisation Bletchley Park It is their story told in their My mother was a ‘Bletchley Girl’ and I found the book to be very informative and interesting It gives an insight into the very compartmentalised and secret work they did and the severe penalties for breaking the official secrets act My mother died 7 years ago and only ever told me that she was a WREN and a secretary in the Japanese section Like the women in the book she did work that was not discussed; I know now that she broke non enigma codes in many languages But there is still so little information that reading this has really helped me to picture the life she led during her time at Bletchley Park and to remind me of how different the lives of these young women were to the lives of the generations after them