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Inspiring profiles of young people who have changed the world around them for the better A look at some amazing young people from activists to entrepreneurs whose lives and achievements have had a big impact on the world around them Designed to inspire and empower today's readers and show them that anyone no matter how old can make a big differenceContents listWhat does it mean to be a pioneer? S In this inspirational YA book Ben Hubbard compiles mini biographies on 21 people who were all teenagers when they acted to try and change the world Some you may have heard of eg Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai and the Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong and others you will hear of in the future It’s the perfect book to wave at any grown up who dares to complain about young people lacking motivation and seeking to take all the timeThe thing to note is that this is a truly global book with Hubbard picking people from around the world and who are concerned with a wide range of issues Particularly good is how he uses each biographical section to explain the underlying issue in a straightforward way that never feels patronising and which hopefully will help get the target readership interested in these kind of issues Hubbard’s intention is to inspire and I think he succeeds – the range of stories and experiences here is awe inspiring and there are a number of young people who display considerable courage and I was genuinely moved by a number of the stories hereThe people covered in this book areSONITA ALIZADEH is a rapper and activist from Afghanistan who campaigns against forced marriage defying conservative expectations and her own mother who wanted her to marryMIKAILA ULMER is an entrepreneur based in the USA who uses part of the proceeds from her lemonade business to donate to charities that support bee populationsRENE SILVA is a Brazilian journalist and activist who first came to the world’s attention when he covered a raid on the favela he lived inMARY GRACE HENRY an education campaigner and entrepreneur in the USA who uses the proceeds from her headband business to support education for girls in Africa Haiti and ParaguaySALVADOR GÓMEZ COLÓN a fundraiser and social campaigner from Puerto Rico who raised over 125000 to fund washing machines and solar lamps for victims of the 2017 Hurricane Maria in his home countryCAMPBELL REMESS an entrepreneur and charity founder from Australia who makes teddy bears for sick children in hospital and who founded a charity to send cancer suffers on holidays on cruise shipsMALALA YOUSAFZAI is probably the best known person in this book – an education campaigner from Pakistan who won the Nobel Peace Prize and who survived an attempt by the Taliban to murder herYASH GUPTA is an Indian immigrant to the USA who set up a glasses exchange initiative when he discovered that 13 million children around the world do not have access to spectaclesJOSHUA WONG is a student activist and politician in Hong Kong who rose to prominence thanks to his work with the Umbrella Movement in 2014 and who was imprisoned for his activismKELVIN DOE is an inventor and engineer from Sierra Leone who used discarded electronics to make electrical lighting and his own radio station For me Kelvin’s was the most inspirational story in the book both because of his young age when he started inventing and for his initiative I really look forward to reading of his achievements in the futureJAZZ JENNINGS is a transgender rights activist from the USA who became famous but who also suffered harassment after a television interview in 2007KIARA NIRGHIN is a scientist and inventor in South Africa who invented a sup

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Teen PioneersOnita Alizadeh rapper and activist against forced marriageMikaila Ulmer eco entrepreneurRene Silva journalistMary Grace Henry entrepreneur and campaigner for girls' educationSalvador Gómez Colón scientist and inventorCampbell Remess campaigner and fundraiserMalala Yousafzai activist and Nobel prize winnerYash Gupta scientist and inventorJoshua Wong politician and activistKelvin Doe inventorJazz This is a most interesting and inspirational hard backed book about teenage ‘pioneers’ from across the globe who have changed the shape and nature of the environment in which they and we liveEach chapter is produced with a fact file colourful sections and photographs Twenty one adolescents are featured but author Ben Hubbard does not explain why these particular individuals have been especially selected and who else may have been in the running I have heard of Malala Yousafzai so to discover other activists and campaigners of this genre is uite mind blowing The text is direct simple and not complex Language has been simplified for the target audience and terms explained At the back of the book there is a list of further information and source notes together with an indexThis book is ideal for the upper end of the primary school class room and for those who have just started secondary school for readers aged approximately 9 12 years of age

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Teen Pioneers eBook Ú Read ¶ ❰EPUB❯ ✴ Teen Pioneers Author Ben Hubbard – Dcmdirect.co.uk Inspiring profiles of young people who have changed the world around them for the better A look at some amazing young people from activists to entrepreneurs whose lives and achievements have had a big Inspiring profiles of young peoplJennings activist for trans rightsKiara Nirghin scientist and inventorAnoyara Khatun activist and campaigner for children's rightsShibby de Guzman political activistMuzoon Almellehan activist for refugeesShubham Banerjee scientist and inventorMelati and Isabel Wijsen environmentalistsEaston Lachappelle scientist and inventorSarah Sobka scientist and inventorLisa Ranran Hu film maker and activist I work with young people and sometimes they get a bad press it's great to see this book address the balance Full of stories about young people who have changed the world for the good and written in an engaging and interesting way this book is really inspirational even though it made me feel a bit old and inadeuate From the story of Malala to less known children crusaders such as Mikalia who has made it her mission to save bees this book is full of information about children of every creed colour and gender who have achieved than I ever will in my life A must for every library for tweens and teens but great inspiration at home too excellent