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characters ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ H.B Lyle S meant to root out German spies and uell foreign threats but with few results it faces closureHarassed by politicians like the ambitious Red Ribbon An Epub #226 Winston Churchill bullied by Special Branch undermined by his colleague Cumming s ill advised foreign ventures and alarmed at his wife s involvement with militant suffragettes Kell is making no progress in tracking high profile leaks from the government To make matters worse his only agent Wiggins would rather be working on cases of his ownWiggins grew up on the streets one Red Ribbon An Irregular Spy Kindle of the urchins trained in surveillance by Sherlock Holmes a. Enjoyable read Captures the period well

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Read ✓ The Red Ribbon: An Irregular Spy Thriller (Irregular 2) ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ð [PDF / Epub] ✪ The Red Ribbon: An Irregular Spy Thriller (Irregular 2) ☆ H.B Lyle – A Financial Times thriller of the yearThe thrilling follow up to Nd known as the Baker Street Irregulars He has promised to avenge the death of his best friend and to track down a missing girlBut when his search takes him towards a club in Belgravia a club containing a lot of young women and presided over by the fearsome Big T one of his former gang mates Wiggins is drawn into a conspiracy that will test both his personal and his professional resolveA satisfying standalone seuel to The Irregular A Different Red Ribbon An Irregular Spy Kindle Class of Spy HB Lyle s brilliantly entertaining spy story is also a superb evocation of London in from the finest drawing rooms to the meanest streets. This is my first read of this series featuring Wiggins who as a child was the head of the ragtag group of street urchins who helped Sherlock Holmes This is a blend of historical fiction with elements of historical reality set in 1910 where a febrile atmosphere abounds with fears of German and Russian spies and assassins In London King Edward VII is dying and its a nightmare organising the security of numerous important VIP attendees to his funeral There is bone deep poverty as workers struggle to feed their families as wages are cut and there is the emergence of women who think that direct action is reuired in the suffragette movement if they are to succeed in acuiring the right to vote The political establishment spearheaded by Winston Churchill and the intelligence agencies are willing to put down the protests by workers and suffragettes by any means necessary including heavy brutality that the media has been encouraged to not cover The idiocy prejudice and sense of entitlement within the establishment is breathtaking believing that the rich powerful and privileged are infinitely superior and the lower classes and women are to be dismissed demonised and perceived as enemies of the stateCaptain Vernon Kell head of the recently established Secret Service Bureau with only one agent Wiggins is facing the threat of closure from the odious head of Special Branch and others Kell is having to respond to the pressure to find who is leaking from the establishment to the Germans the list of possible suspects is enormous and the Kell looks into this the convinced he is that the leaks have been taking place for some time Churchill is insisting Kell and Wiggins infiltrate workers protests to provide the intelligence to crush them All of which leaves Kell stressed and pressurised he only has one agent and it leaves no time to devote to look at the network of German and Russian spies The situation is exacerbated by Wiggins seeking personal vengeance on anarchist Peter the Painter for killing his best friend Bill and childhood companion Sal s daughter Jax wanting him to find out what happened to the disappeared Millie Wiggins is led to the Embassy of Olifa where uestionable activities are taking place and where he encounters Big Tommy once a irregular On top of all this Kell s wife Constance is a person of interest to Special Branch for her support of the suffragettesI enjoyed reading this tale of espionage from HB Lyle but it did feel rather too sprawling and the narrative could have been tightened up considerably This would have lent the novel a coherent and cohesive sense to the story I liked the character of Wiggins challenged by so many that he knew that he was working for those whose intention was to crush them the poor workers women and the vulnerable As he sees the lack of justice when those in power commit the gravest of crimes and get away scot free it is barely surprising that he is not keen to work for Kell any longer However Kell needs him Wiggins is his best agent if not the best agent in the country I found this an engaging absorbing and entertaining book Many thanks to Hodder and Stoughton for an ARC

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The Red Ribbon An Irregular Spy Thriller Irregular 2A Financial Times thriller of the yearThe thrilling Ribbon An eBook #8608 follow up to The Irregular A Different Class of Spy featuring Wiggins an ex soldier who was trained as a child by Sherlock Holmes Praise for The IrregularHB Lyle has found the golden thread between Bond and Holmes Giles Foden author of The Last King of Scotland Impressive period detail and sharp dialogue The Red PDFEPUB or add charm to the strong plot Daily Mail A thrilling story of espionage murder and the creation of the Secret Service Charles Cumming author of A Colder WarCaptain Vernon Kell s fledgling secret intelligence service is under pressure It. Wasn t as an engaging as first but an interesting take on suffragette movementStory seemed a bit disjointed but wove in some interesting history