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The driver's door open Vera assumes the driver has sought shelter but when she inspects the car she is shocked to find a young toddler strapped in the back seatAfraid they will freeze Vera takes the child and drives on arriving at Brockburn a run down stately home she immediately recognizes as the house her father Hector grew up inInside Brockburn a pa. I am one of Ann Cleeves' biggest fans and think she is the ueen of British crime fiction I had forgotten that I had pre ordered this book and to see it pop up in my library was an exuisite pleasure I read the beautifully crafted book in two massive sessions and only put it down to go to bed I love the way that her characters are real and flawed and that they deal with believable murder cases rather than something involving international criminals and silly fantastical plots Thank you Ann Please write another page turner soon

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TheDarkestEveningRty is in full swing with music and laughter to herald the coming Christmas But outside in the snow a young woman lies dead and Vera knows immediately she has a new case Could this woman be the child's mother and if so what happened to herA classic country house mystery with a contemporary twist Ann Cleeves returns with a brilliant Vera novel to savour. It's a long time since I was so enthralled by a book that I couldn't put it down and this latest one by Anne Cleves was such a book The plot is excellent and well written I liked the fact that the title is taken from the well known poem by Robert Frost The twists and turns of the story make it compelling reading whilst the dark atmosphere created by the writer called for a cosy fire and feet curled up on the sofa because I was drawn into the chill of the vivid descriptions of the surroundings I never wanted to come to the end and now that I have I must pass it on to another Anne Cleves fanatic She never disappoints

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Characters Æ TheDarkestEvening ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ø ✸ TheDarkestEvening Epub ✻ Author Ann Cleeves – DCI Vera Stanhope returns in The Darkest Evening the ninth novel in Sunday Times bestseller Ann Cleeves' enduringly popular seriesDriving home during a swirling blizzardDCI Vera Stanhope returns in The Darkest Evening the ninth novel in Sunday Times bestseller Ann Cleeves' enduringly popular seriesDriving home during a swirling blizzard Vera Stanhope's only thought is to get there uicklyBut the snow is so heavy she becomes disoriented and loses her way Ploughing on she sees a car slewed off the road ahead of her With. Of all the novels by Ann Cleeves my favourites have always been the Vera ones and so it is great to see her back since it has been something like two or three years since the last in the series Here then we come across this popular detective in the run up to Christmas Driving home one night from work in the middle of a blizzard so she ends up taking the wrong road Finding an abandoned car with the door open and a baby inside so the first thing on Vera’s mind is to find somewhere warm for the baby and get some phone reception; and seeing lights in the distance so she proceeds only to find herself at a large country manor one that certainly brings back memories for herIn this story then we find out about Vera as she was growing up and about her father who was a member of the Stanhope family and whose relatives live in the manor house that Vera has turned up to With a baby in tow at the beginning of this soon we have a dead body that of the mother of the child found around the rear of the house and Vera is leading her team on another exciting case with red herrings and other problemsTaking in isolated landscapes and places with small communities so we see here how much people rely on gossip even if it is not true and how families can come together to protect or ostracize their own As you would expect this is a complex case especially with Vera’s relatives involved and wanting to not reveal the cracks in their own family and its skeletons Thus with a number of families in the area so Vera has to start unpicking gossip and rumour and unearthing the real fatsAs you would expect the plotting is tight and the characterisation and description of the landscape are spot on As well as learning that little about Vera so we also find out about her detective constable Holly and we can see certain similarities between the two women although I doubt Holly would want to be made aware of theseWith our detective inspector throwing herself into danger so this makes for another great read in the series and as with all the other books this is a standalone novel so if this is the first one you will ever read in the series do not worry A good meaty crime story here I would say personally that Ann Cleeves is giving us a tribute to Agatha Christie in some ways after all it is how you look at a crime that can give you the answer to the culprit