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FEARLESS The Diary of an 18 Year Old at War in the FalklandsEss carried out her first operational role evacuating troops off the coast of Aden Becoming my first ship in the Royal Navy in 1981 we sailed to war together in 1982 From that intense experience she brought me safely physically not mentally back home I am now a Hypnotherapist Life Coach and Public Speaker putting my negative experiences into a positive outcome to support myself and others to transform their lives This a remarkable book Kevin was just 18 years old when he stood on the Bridge of HMS Fearless and faced the onslaught of devastating air attacks from Argentinian pilots as the battle for the Falkland Islands raged a terrifying experience beyond the scope of anything most of us will ever have to encounter But Kevin kept a diary and that is what is reproduced here augmented with context explanations and detail from his older self now better able to express the rollercoaster of emotion he was going throughThe book takes us on a compelling journey from awkward farewells to a close knit family to youthful bravado in Portsmouth where saying you’re a sailor about to go to war proves an effective chat up line to immense pride and patriotism at the rousing send off the public give the ship as it sets sail to fear and depression as they approach the battle zone to the terror excitement pride pathos and anguish of the battle zoneA hero’s return marked by a street party then gives way to a growing unease erratic behaviour and depression as PTSD takes holdKevin eventually conuered those demons and is now a psychotherapist skilled in helping others to overcome them too This book raises many uestions about war politics the international arms trade patriotism and the emotional cost of serving your country It doesn’t attempt to answer any of them Instead it does something with far emotional heft—it gives you a profound insight on what it was like to be there in the thick of it It is a book about heroism and humanity that everyone should read When you start it’s very hard to put down

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D my family I was born in December 1963 and HMS Fearless was launched in December 1963 She became the ship in which I first went to war in 1982 as a young Royal Navy Communicator Our lives were linked inexplicably up to and including 1982 Having both been ‘born’ in the same month and year I was in Aden during the Aden Insurgency as a child in 1967 where my father was serving in the Royal Artillery There Fearl Having read many books on the Falklands Conflict from those who were there in command and planning positions giving their outlook on the trials and tribulations of planning and mounting a campaign 8000 miles from home it is refreshing to read a book by a rating from the lower deck who participated in the campaign and kept a diary of events as they unfolded before him Kevin's diary gives an evocative and emotional insight into what he saw and felt leading up to and during the campaign and the elation he felt at the end of hostilities and the eventual return to his family and the subseuent effects of what he witnessed on his well being What makes this book a fascinating read is the diary events perceived by Kevin as they happened backed up factual entries and explanations as to what did occur through afterthought and collaboration with other witnesses Many participants of the Falklands Campaign were of a similar age to Kevin myself included and experienced the same fearsdoubts and euphoria as he did Kevin has taken the brave step in telling the world of his experiences through this publication and it is a fitting tribute to those youngsters and indeed everyone else who participated and a reminder that one does not have to be physically wounded to be a casualty of warWell done Kevin a thoroughly enjoyable and recommended read

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PDF ☆ BOOK FEARLESS The Diary of an 18 FREE ✓ ⚦ [PDF] ✎ FEARLESS - The Diary of an 18-Year-Old at War in the Falklands By Mr Kevin J Porter ✶ – Dcmdirect.co.uk This is an incredible true story of two 18 year olds at war The words are direct from my diary which I wrote in almost daily whilst at war telling This is an incredible true story of two 18 year olds at war The words are direct from my diary which I wrote in almost daily whilst at war telling an emotionally charged and brutally honest view of an 18 year old in conflict expressing fear excitement and terror It leads into my decline from a local hero to embarrassment as I uickly sank into the dark space of PTSD anxiety and depression and how it affected me an As a junior communications rating spending a lot of time in and around the ship's bridge of HMS FEARLESS Kevin had a privileged if that's the right word front row view of the air attacks on ships in Bomb Alley including the hits on FEARLESS He also did other jobs in the thick of it such as going to fight fires in a bombed ship Unlike most of us he kept notes smart lad and they form the basis of this book Its strength is in its honesty its account of the everyday experiences and reactions of an ordinary young sailor thrust into an extraordinary situation His references to people and events of the time brought them flooding back vividly and he perfectly captured the 'feel' of being down there I'd forgotten lots of things even some involving myself He also addresses complex issues such as the emotions of being apart from familyfriends and the frustrations of messdeck living which are timelessYoung RN officers are rightly taught to regard the individual sailor as 'the single most important factor' in man management and Kevin perfectly captures the essence of what makes the RN matelot tick His perceptions of what leadership felt like to those at the bottom of the pyramid as it were are fascinating and reflect well on pretty much all his colleagues If you were there this book will be cathartic and unlock many memories; if you were in the RN but not there you'll recognise how well it represents life in a warship; if you were neither you won't find a truer account of what it was likeThe occasionally iffy layout typos and dodgy grammar perversely add to the book's power as an unvarnished account by a then young man telling it as he saw it This book is spookily evocative and touches lots of emotional nerves in the reader reflecting Kevin's own experience