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review The Papers of Sherlock Holmes: Vol. II ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ú ➡ [Epub] ➛ The Papers of Sherlock Holmes: Vol. II By David Marcum ➫ – Spanning events over thirty years Volume II of The Papers of Sherlock Holmes relates further narratives of Holmes and Watson sTories provide fresh details of Holmes s world Join Papers of Sherlock Holmes Vol ePUB #10003 us as we climb the seventeen steps to the Baker Street sitting room where Holmes and Watson prepare to begin their next adventure The game is afoot. A different take on Holmes and Watson Very well written Captures the mood of the changing times and delves into the fictional backgrounds of Holmes and Watson uite enjoyable

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Spanning of Sherlock Holmes Vol ePUB #10003 events over thirty years of Sherlock Epub #219 Volume II of The Papers of Sherlock Holmes relates further narratives of Holmes and Watson s days in Baker Street as well as particulars of Holmes s s. Excellent a very good read I enjoyed the stories and hope there will be volumes to followThank you

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The Papers of Sherlock Holmes Vol IIUpposed retirement Follow along as The Master and his Boswell travel to Yorkshire where surprising new details of Holmes s past The Papers MOBI #181 are revealed and even to the United States in Written in traditional canonical style these s. The Papers of Sherlock Holmes Volume Two by David MarcumMy thanks to Steve and Timi at MX Publications for my review copy of this book You guys are the best I would like to say here that I especially liked this volume because I have been to almost all the locations in the first story From here in Atkins VA it is exactly 50 miles to Bristol VA TN which along with Kingsport and Johnson City is referred to as the Tri Cities It is also not far to North Carolina and Linville Falls is a favorite spot along the Blueridge Parkway My daughter lives in Nashville so I pass through Knoxville enough to know my way around a bit This volume was like bringing 221B Baker Street home This volume is the seuel to Volume One of The Papers of Sherlock Holmes There are two short tales and a novella Also featured are two personal letters of Holmes and Watson s family The Affair of the Brother s Reuest brings Holmes and Watson into the familiar areas I have mentioned Watson is there to meet some of his family who live at No Business TN Holmes has a mission of his own in nearby Rugby TN The town was conceived as an experiment by a British peer of the realm Now the town is fading but someone wants a message delivered to his brother a resident The Adventure of the Madman s Ceremony takes place in the same general area as the AOBR Holmes and Watson are waiting on developments on their case in Linville NC The tale can be read as Sherlock Holmes and the Brown Mountain Lights a story by author James McKay Morton I found a copy online some time ago Meanwhile Holmes has been asked to go to Maryville TN by the mother of notorious madman and murderer Harry K Thaw Mrs Thaw has made a generous donation to Maryville Collage and there have been allegations of corruption The Adventure of the Other Brother is the main story in the book If Watson was shocked to learn that Mycroft was Holmes older brother imagine his consternation at learning Holmes has another older brother Sherrinford Holmes not to mention three nephews Holmes is urgently summoned to Yorkshire because his brother has been arrested for murder A man has been found on Sherrinford s land murdered elsewhere and dumped in a ravine The man is from a religious cult that Sherringford has allowed to camp on his property He has been stabbed in the back and his throat slitThe man s daughter Sophia states that her father and Sherringford were arguing over the true path A neighbor and owner of most of the local property Augustus Moreland claims he wants to help Sherringford He has made some extreme money offers for Sherringford s land however and it seems a bit suspiciousI will go no further The rest of the story is simply too brilliant to ruin I will only tease by naming two authors August Derleth and Rex Stout Read and learn the rest on your own It will be worth the wait I give this volume five plus stars I hope to see much from Mr David Marcum uoth the Raven