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Read & Download ↠ The Last Confession of Sherlock Holmes Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ [Read] ➳ The Last Confession of Sherlock Holmes Author Kieran Lyne – In the dawn of Sherlock Holmes is locked in a deadly game of wits with the sinister Professor James MoriaSumed dead the streets of London are panic stricken as a resurrected terror takes hold of the city whilst in the upper echelons of Government a singular undetectable force can once again be felt manipulating the criminal underworld. I ll be honest I ve watched the TV and film series but never really diverged myself to the original books I wasn t sure before reading if that would leave me lost with certain parts that aren t heavily mentioned in the TV show and films but to be fair I wasn t at all This book is perfect I imagine for every type of Holmes fan and I m glad I ve been introduced to the original style of writing and original stories in such a jaw dropping kept me on the edge of my seat wayVerdictI was hooked from start to finish Lyne keeps you on a constant thought path of trying to solve the mystery so much that I found myself regularly thinking about it away from reading the book Such a well known mystery as Jack the Ripper Lyne couldn t have incorporated the two worlds in a impressive and clever way Don t want to spoil anything for future readers by saying too much but it s just a really great read and I would and have recommend it to everyone regardless of whether you are a Holmes fanatic or not You won t see the twists and turns in this book coming

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In the Confession of eBook #9734 dawn of Sherlock Holmes is locked in a deadly game of wits with the sinister Professor James Moriarty but events will soon transpire which will uestion the very outcome of Reichenbach With Holmes pre. Another good non Conan Doyle book

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The Last Confession of Sherlock HolmesThe ever reliable Dr Watson has deceived us all as he finally reveals the far shocking events which led to both The Last PDFEPUBthe return of Sherlock Holmes and his involvement in the suppression of London s most notorious criminal. The Last Confession of Sherlock Holmes by Kieran LyneKieran Lyne according to an internet search is the youngest writer to be endorsed by the Arthur Conan Doyle Estate This is that bookI must first say that this is not a Canonical book The story contained in these pages would clash with some facts from the Holmes Canon That shouldn t stop any Sherlockian from enjoying the storyThat is because one thing this writer did well was echo or channel the spirit of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The turn of phrase the character interaction and the knowledge of canonical events is obvious when one reads the storyIt starts off as a slight retelling of The Final Problem Holmes is fleeing London as Moriarty s empire begins to fall apart around him The demented Professor pursues and the supposed death of Sherlock Holmes and Professor James Moriarty at The Reichenbach Falls takes place as recordedWatson grows disgusted at the police force and apparently knows Holmes rooms at 221B Baker Street are still available As his wife Mary has recently passed away Watson sometimes goes to Baker Street to be aloneJump to a portion written by Irene Adler who appears to know Holmes is still alive and in fact is under his protection Then she simply disappearsHolmes receives a letter through the local paper that claims that Jack the Ripper has returned This is what sends him back to London where he and Watson again occupy 221B and begin working on the caseMycroft is certain that Colonel Sebastian Moran is responsible as the Holmes brothers believe Professor James Moriarty was the Ripper With the Professor gone who better to continue the bloodshed except Colonel Moran Here the events of The Adventure of the Empty House are retold Moran is capturedAnd still a woman has been found mutilated in horrible fashion her face slashed beyond recognition her eyes delicately removed and the thumb and four fingers of her right hand missingLestrade and Inspector Abberline who investigated the actual case of Jack the Ripper engage Holmes on this last murder It doesn t take Abberline long to come to blows with HolmesOne of the usual Ripper suspects is captured by Lestrade and Abberline who refuse to accept Holmes telling them they are wrong The man is tried and set free for lack of evidenceWatson is going through the list of the usual suspects in case anything was missed His findings which match Holmes own ideas is that some could be responsible for one murder but not the others Also each suspect they look at for the five canonical murders Nichols Chapman Stride Eddows and Kelly are either dead suicide or murder or locked up in an insane asylumIt is almost as if Jack the Ripper were many men controlled by a behind the scene genius This would fit Holmes thinking that Professor James Moriarty was that spider And Mycroft thinks that it has passed down to Moran And now perhaps it has passed down to one of Moran s minionsThe story grabs one s attention from the first chapter and keeps it firmly in its grasp to the final word The pace is smooth easy flowing yet packed with conundrums that always bring up further complications It s like a math problem If this then that But if this is correct that cannot yet it has to doesn t it The web of logic is heavy with concealed mystery that makes perfect sense when the reveal takes place For the problem does get solved but the reader will not easily guess the truth until the magician bows and the box opensI found this book delightful and one of the best non canonical aligned pastiches out there at the moment Be sure to visit as Kieran Lyne is working on Holmes stories This book is rate five stars out of fiveuoth the Raven