REVIEW Í The Demon of the Dusk: The rediscovered cases of Sherlock Holmes Book 1

CHARACTERS The Demon of the Dusk: The rediscovered cases of Sherlock Holmes Book 1

REVIEW Í The Demon of the Dusk: The rediscovered cases of Sherlock Holmes Book 1 ß ✪ The Demon of the Dusk: The rediscovered cases of Sherlock Holmes Book 1 pdf ✩ Author Arthur Hall – Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are summoned to Theobald Grange the WarwickshireAnd elder son were recently The Demon PDFEPUBmurdered apparently by the ghost of a court jester who was executed on the site centuries before The apparition has warned that she too is to die Holmes rejects a superna. I am always on the lookout for authentic traditional Sherlock Holmes adventures It s a uest that has occupied me one way or another for over forty years and it s paid off with a collection of thousands of stories I m pretty forgiving They don t have to be perfect and if they don t sound exactly Watsonian I blame the editor of his notes and not the Good Doctor If they add to the overall Great Holmes Tapestry and if they aren t destructive to Holmes s reputation for instance making him some modern day murderous sociopathic creep then I m supportiveBut even though I ll read and enjoy even those of fair to middling uality it s a true joy to find those that are nearly spot on perfect There are several current editors of tales from Watson s Tin Dispatch Box that do wonderful and amazing jobs with nary a disappointment One of those who never disappoints is Arthur HallI d never heard of Mr Hall before I found his first Holmes book The Demon of the Dusk It s a flawless effort with Holmes and Watson traveling to Theobald Grange to investigate a supposedly supernatural intrusion Of course Our Heroes know that a grounded explanation is behind it all but before the tale s solution there are a number of exciting events that make this another fascinating investigation by the man that Watson describes as the best and wisest I have ever known Mr Hall has written three other Holmes novels including The One Hundred Per Cent Society The Secret Assassin and The Phantom Killer all now being reprinted in handsome matching editions by MX Each is a new classic about the true Holmes Additionally Mr Hall has written some uite excellent Holmes short stories for Volumes IV V VI and VIII of The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories and also for Tales From the Stranger s Room Volume III I very much look forward to his next efforts and heartily recommend his works to those Sherlockians who want to read about the TRUE Sherlock Holmes

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Tural explanation although his adversary seems Demon of the PDFEPUB #10003 unaffected by gunfire and is able to take flight and disappear The Great Detective brings his powers to bear but still the killings continue. Any long story in which Holmes and Watson investigate hauntings at an old and isolated manor house takes its direct inspiration from THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES and so does this example It s a tedious investigation in which very little happens and the elaborate hauntings and the large number of collaborators involved will severely test the upper limits of any credulity strain meter the gentle reader might possess Surely there are much much easier and straightforward ways to drive a mentally unstable woman over the brink of insanity Both Holmes and Watson blunder badly and Holmes inexplicably reveals the name but not motives of the chief villain about 3 4 th of the way through the novel leaving poor Watson to have to pretend ignorance and indifference whenever that character appears later On the other hand one extremely important character never appears in the novel at all and Holmes seems totally indifferent to his whereaboutsThere are many odd misprints including a consistent inability to turn proper names into possessive form No evidence of any proofreading is seen anywhere


The Demon of the Dusk The rediscovered cases of Sherlock Holmes Book 1Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson of the PDFEPUB #228 are summoned to Theobald Grange the Warwickshire home of Lady Heminworth Being of a nervous and superstitious disposition her Ladyship lives in fear Her husband. Not a bad pastiche of the Holmes stories and any resemblance to The Hound of the Baskervilles is acknowledged right from the start A great deal of mystification over a series of murders where if only everyone involved told the truth from the start it would have been cleared up right away But that is the whole point of detective stories people keep secrets and hold back information for various reasons which seem of ultimate importance to them but which are in reality trivialThis Holmes and Watson are very close to ACD s versions so I have no uibbles there I was amused though by the author being unable to resist riding his hobbyhorse at various points Being acuainted myself with someone of the same vegan and animal rights ilk it was very funny to see the same attitudes on display If you like myself are a shameless carnivore who does not weep over lions in cages then be aware that there are tiny lectures about THE EVILS OF MEAT EATING and so forth scattered through the textThey don t do any harm and don t detract from the story but it s a reminder that this is a 21st century author with the preoccupations of our times The original Watson never took five minutes when describing the preamble to a case to pause at breakfast with a little message about how eating eggs or rashers was COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY FOR THE HEALTH OF HUMANSI mention this only because it amused me to see it popping up in an otherwise faithful story