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Hidden Wonders Lonely Planet KidsLanetpublished its first book in Over the past years Lonely Planet has grown a dedicated global community of travellers many of whom are now sharing a passion for exploration with their children Lonely Planet Kids educates and encourages young readers at home and in school to learn about the world with engaging books on culture sociology geography nature history space andWe want to inspire the next generation of global citizens and help kids and their parents to approach life in a way that makes every day an adventure Come explor Lonely Planet books are always kind of uirky to me I've had a few I disliked and others that were good Usually if I want travel information about where to actually go and stay I choose one of the more established publishers of travel and tourism books On language it's even a stronger feeling someone else Still with some of their books the uirkiness can work and in conjunction with other books can lead you to interesting places you wouldn't have seen otherwisebr br But this book isn't a travel bookdefinitely not a tourism oneso the interesting places you wouldn't have seen or known about is really the focus and it's an appropriate topic for this publisherbr br It's certainly a good looking book8 12 x 11 hardback with an eyecatching cover design including a raised earth and lots of shiny gold embossing on the lettering and drawing I opened to a random center page and was taken aback I had discovered the hidden wonder of Hell Then it went onnot that Hell it's a place in the Grand Cayman Islands That's how this book is the art the letteringirregular font the places the photos and illustrationsthey get your attentionbr br I often score books lower because of the book designthe too small text the dark colored pages with black font that is impossible to read So I need to compliment these book designers Every page is coloreda variety of ochrenot too dark not too lightor where they use a very dark page they switch to white text The text is a good size well laid out well spaced and easy to read while still having the informative overview of thee place one place per pagealways with a photofrom 14 paragraphsgiving readers a taste of the place It keeps it moving uicklybr br There's a useful index but the Table of Contents is strangejust broad categories no list of all the places included It's divided into sections by range of longitudenot a bad idea helping kids to take an interest in geographical locations And the places are very interestingmostly ones you won't have heard of From Waitayala Water Slide to Taumata Hill the full name is 85 letters long included in the Guinness Book of Recordsbr br Good looking well designed and eyeopening book A fun read

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reader ê Hidden Wonders ↠ Lonely Planet Kids ✓ lonely planet kids ✓ ✮ Hidden Wonders (Lonely Planet Kids) Books ✰ Author Lonely Planet Kids – Take a journey into the unknown and discover the planet's wildest and most wonderful sights Paddle through Take a journey into the unknown and discover the planet's wildest and most wonderful sights Paddle through the eerie glowworm caves of New Zealand ride with the wild horses of the Namib desert swing off the end of the world in Ecuador and be amazed at hundredswonders you never knew existed This travel companion for the incurably curious is your guide to finding the world's most amazing secret places So grab your compass and let's get started as you explore the far corners of our world Start your adventure in the west at Hawaii's Hidden Wonders is a fascinating book that is just as the title suggests full of hidden wonders across the worldbr br This is an amazing book to discover and learn about some of the worlds strangest and weirdest sights from natural to man made With each of the hidden wonders each having no more than two pages it means that the book is packed with information and new places to discover a lot of which I never knew about or had seen before They are each so uniue that even as an adult reading it it makes for an intriguing read and children will love seeing some of the more bizarre wondersbr br The book is designed in a fun way that means each of the pages colours and feel fits with the photo and feel of the hidden wonder The photos are great to capture your attention and makes you want to know more about the place Some pages it would have been nice to have a few more pictures but we could look into it further when finishing reading the bookbr br This is an amazing book that shows so many fascinating hidden wonders it is nothing like I've seen before in a book and I know the children will love discovering more about all these intriguing places

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Pineapple Garden Maze before travelling along the line of longitude to Vanuatu's underwater post office Get ready to bungee jump off a road to nowhere in the Brazilian jungle or lose yourself in the world's largest maze Whether deep underwater in a prehistoric grotto or high on a cliff at the tip of a rock troll's tongue afloat on waters as pink as a rose or swimming with pigs on a sandy beach adventure awaits around every cornerAbout Lonely Planet Kids Lonely Planet Kidsan imprint of the world's leading travel authority Lonely P What an utterly exuisite hard backed book focusing on oddities and mysteries around the world My children age 8 have been entranced by this and we have been choosing a few pages at random to learn more about different places in the world before bedtime There are some wonderfully fascinating pictures and the text is short enough to keep younger children's interest too I would say that this book would be suitable from age 5 onwards older kids can read the text themselves but younger kids will be just as happy being read to whilst gawping at the picturesbr br Treat yourself to this gem of a book and have a real wander off the beaten path I promise you will be astonished and delighted