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read reader Ê Soldier Five ↠ The Real Truth about the Bravo Two Zero Mission À mike coburn · ❰Read❯ ➵ Soldier Five: The Real Truth about the Bravo Two Zero Mission Author Mike Coburn – SOLDIER FIVE is an elite soldier's memoiThe release of Soldier Five at one stage claiming the book in its entirety was confidential A campaign of harassment that took some four and a half years of litigation to resolve has now resulted in this explosive publication SOLDIER FIVE is a gripping and suspenseful account of one man's experiences as a Special Forces soldier Revealing his conflicts loyalties and relationships forged it is the resolution of a soldier's determined fight to see his story told Interesting to go with other accounts Shows brave soldiers and how to survive

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FailureFrom the outset the patrol was dogged by problems that contributed both directly and indirectly to the demise of the mission The patrol's compromise and subseuent attempts to evade Iraui troops resulted in four members of Bravo Two Zero being captured and a further three killed One escaped But the story goes further than the Gulf War itself Despite numerous books films and articles on the same subject the British Government has done its utmost to thwart I bought this book in a bout of renewed interest about the SAS in the eighties and ninetiesI have read The One That Got Away and Bravo Two Zero all accounts of the now infamous SAS scud busting patrol in the first 1990 Ira conflictThese are now deemed to be dressed up Both these two authors have gone on to become successful fiction writers in their own rightThis is an honest account as told by a professional soldier at the top of his game accounting his efforts and sacrifices to join 22 SAS regimentI felt great disgust or maybe sorrow when the system fails the patrol He describes how those who were trusted to command did not adhere to the moral code that runs deep in theSAS which helped make it the elite force it was perceivedPlease read this book for yourself a lot of people apparently worked very hard and at no cost to beat reels of red tape to get this published I say thank you for your effortsIt is a personal journey i suppose leading to the realisation that war tests the strongest of codesThis is just my personal view please buy it and enjoy it

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Soldier Five The Real Truth about the Bravo Two Zero MissionSOLDIER FIVE is an elite soldier's memoir of his time within the Special Air Service SAS and in particular his experiences during the Gulf War As a member of the Special Forces patrol now famously known by its call sign Bravo Two Zero he and seven others were inserted hundreds of kilometres behind enemy lines Their mission was to reconnoitre targets undertake surveillance of Scud missile sites and sabotage Irai communications links but was to end in desperate Having spoke to people who were at the debrief at Hereford the author of this book never changed his story McNab & Ryan changed it and made things up that were never mentioned at the debrief Billy Ratcliffes book really points the finger at this pair Both have tried to re write history to cover their failings