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THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO In The PDF #197 IS BACK WITH A UK NUMBER ONE BESTSELLERLisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist have not been in touch for some timeThen Blomkvist is contacted by renowned Swedish scientist Professor Balder Warned that his life is in danger. I've now read this twice Didn't enjoy it much the first time around so read it again to see if I'd been blind but no it still wasn't Millenium Dull stodgy it was hard to keep picking it up and plodding grimly on through to the end So I re read Larsson's The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest just to remind myself that I wasn't viewing the original books through rose tinted spectacles or some such I wasn't it was fast pacy most of the time and SO difficult to put down I resented any interruptions when I was reading the original trilogy but when reading The Girl in the Spider's Web interruptions came as a welcome relief So sad

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The Girl In The Spider's Web Millennium SeriesButconcerned for his son's well being Balder wants Millennium to publish his story and The Girl PDFEPUB or it is a terrifying oneMore interesting to Blomkvist than Balder's world leading advances in Artificial Intelligence is his connection with a certain female super. I can't help thinking that this is the Salander and Blomkvist of the extremely underwhelming Swedish film trilogy and not not that of Stieg Larsson's wonderfully drawn and nuanced original Millennium trilogyIt's full of illogical non seuitur's and both the characterizations and relationships at the core of Stieg Larssons trilogy appear to me to have been fundamentally altered by Laggercrantz They lack any of the subtlety of Larsson Salander now appears to have been turned into some sort of Super Woman esue Superhero by Lagercrantz I also can't help speculating that the Salander and Blomkvist of Larsson would have strongly disapproved of Lagercrantz's self same charactersCharacters reappear unblemished in Lagercrantz's world who had been left in disgrace in Larssons original eg Ekstrom FasteCharacters disappear into the ether in Lagercrantz new book without explanation who were fundamental to Larrsons original eg FiguerolaEdklinthIt is almost as if the Millenium magazine expose had not been publishedI also have to wonder whether there is a degree of product placement involved in this text with obsessively repeated references to certain drinks brands Additionally there were a hat full of references to meals and food prep that add nothing to the plot There are also obsessive references that could have come out of a Stockholm route finder app When Larsson used these devices sparingly they had purpose and added to the story In Lagercrantsz's hands it just felt like interminable paddingMoments from Larssons original are represented and re hashed with slight if any alterationI only read this under prompting from a book club having previously decided to respect Eva Gabrielssons views and immediately regretted it I hope that no further books along these lines are commissioned and will avoid any further Largercrantz adaptions of Stieg Larssons I would however consider reading a book based upon Eva Gabrielssons original archivesnotebooks of Larsson

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The Girl In The Spider's Web (Millennium Series) review Ì 0 Ê [PDF / Epub] ☃ The Girl In The Spider's Web (Millennium Series) Author David Lagercrantz – THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO IS BACK WITH A UK NUMBER ONE BESTSELLERLisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist have not been in touch for some tHackerIt seems that Salander like Balder is a target of ruthless cyber gangsters and a violent criminal conspiracy that will very soon bring terror to the snowbound streets of Stockholm to the Millennium team Girl In The PDF #8608 and to Blomkvist and Salander themselv. I've been hanging onto this since last July wondering whether I would be disappointed It's readable but that's all in no way does it resemble the writing of Larsson stories other than characters high jacked from it It's a shame because it would have been far better if the collaboration had been with Larsson's partner and not his family who had little interest in his workThe trilogy I have read around 3 or 4 times enjoying them just as much as the first time This will never get read again If I read the next one it will be because the price has dropped substantiallyMay be the half finished book by Larsson will eventually get published that I would read