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Not Much of an Engineer Ebook ↠ ì sir stanley hooker ì ✯ [BOOKS] ⚣ Not Much of an Engineer By Sir Stanley Hooker ✼ – Stanley Hooker joined the Bristol Aeroplane Company in 1949 and tugged a rather reluctant company into the jet age determined to give real competition tStanley Hooker joined the Bristol Aeroplane Company in 1949 and tugged a rather reluctant company into the jet age determined to give What could have turned out to be a bit of a dry read instead turned out to be fascinating and illuminating in eual amounts Sir Stanley Hooker has written a book that helps one understand turbine engineering and interestingly the history and really uite tortuous politics behind themI will address one niggle I read from another review stating that Hooker was in some way trying to suggest he was the be all and end all of jet turbines I could not disagree Hooker has written a book that seems to be startlingly honest and he is than effusive in his admiration and appreciation of the various engineers and leaders who all collectively created a modern engineering marvelIf there is an issue it is not one of Hookers personal modesty or not although he certainly comes across as being very reasonable it is his naiveté with regard to the Chinese The UK in the early 70's was trying to sell both the technology and the engineering of turbines to China and Hooker bought into the entire façade put out by the Chinese of a nation of happy people all working in harmony under a benign dictatorship He clearly just could not understand that the hordes of villagers and workers greeting their group from RR were almost certainly rounded up and told in no uncertain terms that they would be happy and smiling Of course with the benefit of information in the last few years it's clear to anyone that China was a grim totalitarian place where oppression was the normThis inability to see the reality and to have been suckered into the fake image presented to him by Chinese officials is the one faux pas noted in the book That being said this is a book that is honest and the fact that Hooker thought this also indicates his honesty Today he would have very carefully avoided writing down something so obviously politically stagedThe rest of the book is gripping From the early days of the engineering and the characters who drove the program on is a genuinely interesting history Being British it's fascinating how much the entire jet turbine programs and development all rotated around a few very very clever men in Derby and Bristol GE and Pratt and Whitney owe their start to Rolls Royce and BristolHooker has cleverly managed to convey a lot of technical information about jet turbine design and how they work in such a way that even a complete non engineer can understand it If nothing else this makes this book properly interesting I should comment that I am a marine engineer who has worked with steam turbines so I do have some small understanding of rotating turbine engines albeit loosely connected It does make it easier for me to envisage the technical details thoughOverall this is a superb book Written in a time when the author did not have to worry about the modern politically charged climate and he could therefore express views that right or wrong were his own

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Pounds and buy its rival By this time there was scarcely a single modern British aero engine for which Hooker had not been responsibl What a fascinating lift this man led developing the Rolls Royce Merlin engine through to the Bristol Olympus engine as fitted to Concorde and the mighty Vulcan bomber He explains the science side of aerodynamics in a way that the layman understands I have since read up on some of the subjects and furthered my own knowledge A great book whether you are an aviation fan or not

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Not Much of an EngineerReal competition to Rolls Royce So successful was he that in 1966 Rolls Royce decided the best thing to do was to spend 636 million Is my review worth reading? I love the subject material so I suppose I am bound to love this book; but that might not help you if you don'tSo despite the fact I have given this top marks for enjoyment I will list some good & bad pointsGood I really enjoyed all his descriptions of the engineering problems he solved I felt he pitched the complexity at just the right level As someone that worked at BAe I thought lots of his observations of the industry matched my experience This chap was brilliant in my opinion but he never boasts and always focuses on the stuff that he did wrongBad He gives you uite a few political points as if they were fact rather than his personal beliefs uite a few descriptions of get togethers and conferences and food which you have to negotiate to get to the good bitsI am so glad I read this book