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Ed and when food electricity and water run short the community begins to crumble As a new andsinister social order develops Dale Barbara Ira veteran teams up with a handful of intrepid citizens to fight against the corruption that is sweeping through the town and to try to discover the source of the Dome before it is too late. This is a novel about Chester's Mill a town in Maine where a mysterious dome appears one autumn day cutting off the inhabitants from the outside world It is essentially the story of the conseuences of that event for the inhabitants their relationships their town politics and their environment with plenty of violence and shocking events thrown in I was prompted to read this having watched the first two seasons of the TV adaptation on Prime the first of which was uite good and reasonably close to the book the second series much less so The book is good though far too long as was the last King novel I read 112263 at 880 pages There is a range of characters of all types and the author is very good at creating even minor three dimensional characters One of the most notable and chilling features of the narrative is how relatively insignificant and sometimes inoffensive individuals can become tinpot dictators and violent thugs when they are allowed a whiff of power in a restricted environment when unrestrained by the checks and balances in wider society; the speed with which the society in Chester's Mill unravels is well told though perhaps the disintegration is implausibly fast the events of the whole novel take place in a single week The final resolution of why the Dome happened is not one that many readers would have anticipated and I am undecided whether I think it was a lame resolution or rather a wonderful one Worth a read

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Under the DomeAdapted as a major TV series produced by Steven Spielberg Kings bestselling novel centres on a small town suddenly and inexplicably sealed off from the rest of the world by an invisible domeIn UNDER THE DOME King has produced another riveting masterpiece The end of every chapter hooks you into the next drawing you inside a ps. The influence for The Dome may well have come from the works of John Wyndham but that's where any similarities end Wyndham wrote lean intelligent stories The Dome is neither lean or intelligent It's not just the sheer exhausting length of The Dome that is problematic The uality of the writing and characterisation is notably poorer than in King's earlier books and you simply don't care what happens as Chester's Mill tries to make sense of being covered by a huge invisible dome and uickly disintegrates as a community Indeed the first few pages of The Dome read like something that even James Herbert would have rejected it's that poor King has explored small town America way better than this so in lots of ways this feels like a mighty long and totally unnecessary addition to his list of titles Even as a skim read it is very hard going Avoid

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Under the Dome Read ´ 108 á [BOOKS] ✫ Under the Dome By Stephen King – Dcmdirect.co.uk Adapted as a major TV series produced by Steven Spielberg Kings bestselling novel centres on a small town suddenly and inexplicably sealed off from the rest of the world by an invisible domeIn UNDER T Adapted as a major TV series produced by Steven SpielbeYchological Under the eBook #197 drama that is so rich you dont read it you live itIt is the story of the small town of Chesters Mill Maine which is inexplicably and suddenly sealed off from the rest of the world by an invisible force field No one can get in and no one can get outThe normal rules of society are suddenly chang. I first read Under the Dome in 2010 just after it was first released A long time fan of Stephen King I was looking forward to getting stuck into another King epic For me Stephen King has the ability to make even a 1074 page book into a fast addictive page turner and Under the Dome was no exception I read it for the first time over a weekend yep in two daysSince I've read about 300 books in between readings my memory was pretty hazy as to the details but I knew the major plot line a small town in Maine is suddenly cut off from the outside world by a invisible impenetrable dome What follows is the story of what happens to the townspeople inside as s starts to get realI was a huge fan of the opening of Under the Dome the first time and the second time was no exception It's a real attention grabber the dome falls within the first few pages and the amount of detail in which King describes the event is so imaginative that once I started reading I found it difficult to stopAs with many King novels the cast of characters is huge but there are only a few key characters some of them average guys just trying to do the right thing and others are just plain crazy evil bastards I love me a good baddie and the baddies in Under the Dome are pretty despicable Despite all the characters I really liked how it gave me perspectives although I'm definitely a reader that will disregard less than stellar characterisation for a good plot line so readers who need that strong character connection may not be able to forgive as readily as myselfUnder the Dome sounds like it couldn't possibly stretch to over 1000 pages it's a bunch of people stuck in a small area and it sounds like the problems they face could become pretty repetitive but King finds ways to make each persons' story uniue A pretty big deal considering the multitude of characters but as always the amount of imagination and planning that goes into Under the Dome is pretty typical of King and one of the reasons I enjoy reading his books so muchPerhaps my only disappointment in the book as a whole is the actual reason behind the dome and the ending It's kinda cool and uniue but it also felt in the scheme of the plot it was over and done with pretty uickly just not as balanced as I would have liked it to be and perhaps even no real explanation would have worked better for meOn the second reading I've rated it slightly lower than my first reading but before blogging my ratings were pretty much on gut feeling and the speed of which I read a book rather than weighing up the pros and cons but I still really enjoyed Under the Dome and it's definitely one of the most memorable Stephen King books I've read