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read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ì David Baldacci Lous writer who blasts his plot into a million pieces yet is able to pull it back together before the final page is turned He continutes to impress The Huffington PostThe spine chilling action begins on the first page and doesn t let up until the lastThe Innocent is not just a scary read this is heart stopping stuff BookReportercomForget Fifty Shades of Grey the page turner of the season is The Innocent by David BaldacciThe reader wants for nothing there are car chases and shootouts snipers and moles safe houses and digestible bio transmittersThe tale starts at a blistering rate and accelerates through short action packed chaptersthis is Baldacci back at his best The Times LondonA complex puzzle Baldacci is a master craftsman Associated Press on The Sixth Man. I have to say very disappointed with this latest Baldacci offering The dialogue is clipped the characters wooden and the plot VERY predictableI had figured it out long before the end I have read a number of his books and up to now enjoyed them but not this Yes there is a bit of the all action American hero in Will Robiea Jason Bourne composite who seems like the love child of Steven Seagal and Bruce Willis but this character isn t at all believable Baldacci has written a number of good thrillers but unfortunately this isn t one of them

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The Innocent (Will Robie Book 1) free read ä 106 ☆ [KINDLE] ❃ The Innocent (Will Robie Book 1) By David Baldacci – A spectacular entry into the hardcore action adventure worlda tour de force of storytelling power and grace Baldacci at his best which is as good as it gets Providence Sunday JournalThis A spectacular entry into the hardcore action adventure worlda tour de force of storytelling power and grace Baldacci at his best which is as good as it gets Providence Sunday JournalThis is another great novel by a brilliant writer Baldacci catches you from the very first page and grabs your attention until the last word Read it Lincoln Journal Star NE Another action tale of espionage and betrayal from a master storyteller Baldacci brings his unusual distinctive skill in character development to portray people who seem very real with a degree of unpredictability that advances this very clever The MOBI #181 plot The Free Lance StarThis book is a definite one day edge of your chair read with an ending that is a complete surprise One of the best Baldaccis since. The InnocentThe first in David Baldacci s series of books featuring character Will Robie Robie is an assassin working for a clandestine US government agency His role is to take out people who are viewed as being detrimental to America and its interests Officially he does not exist and if his missions fail the USA will not acknowledge himRobie is tasked to enter the apartment of an American citizen and kill them Their crime is to have had links with a terrorist organisation committed to destroying America Robie is concerned to find once in the house that the person does not appear to match the details he had been briefed on He does not carry out the mission and is lucky to escape with his lifeRobie is left wondering as to the validity of his assignment He is concerned that someone in his department may be using his skills for their own advantage His life is on the line and using his own discretion he seeks to get away as uickly as possible However his opponents always appear to be one step ahead of him and again he is fortunate to surviveForced to team up with a fourteen year old runaway Robie endeavours to find out who wants him dead Issues that appear to be unconnected now take on a greater significance Government agencies appear to have been infiltrated and soon Robie is left wondering if there is anyone from his past life that he can trust Baldacci paints Robie as a loner who goes about his job with little emotional attachment to the world around him He expects to fail one day and will subseuently die as a result However this pessimistic outlook does not mean he is looking forward to his death If anything the opposite is true and he will take every step necessary to prevent it from happening This makes him a multi talented individual whose skills make him a dangerous enemyAn enjoyable book and the character has potential for future growth Could it be transferred to the big screen Almost certainly though the concept has been done before Just watch any Jason Statham film Still worth a look though

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The Innocent Will Robie Book 1Absolute Power this is one that will have all suspense readers enthralled Suspense MagazineBaldaccicrafts government inspired thrillers like nobody else Inside JerseyThe Innocent isall American all heart a maze of bread crumb clues keeping you riveted to the page as each precious minute ticks toward its deadly ultimatumHis talent for weaving so many disparate and delicate strands into a perilous web of deception is masterful resulting in a remarkable intellectually satiating experience Everyday eBookThe Innocent is Baldacci at his absolute bestBaldacci provides the reader a non stop pulse pounding ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat into the wee hours of the morningFive Stars ExaminercomDavid Baldacci is still at the top of his gameHe is a meticu. There is no doubt about Baldacci s ability to tell a story and keep you interested and I bought this as the first in a series I had hoped that I would then have a whole series to read and enjoy Unfortunately whilst I liked the story telling and the characters it was all a bit too far fetched and the way the lead character solved the mystery was grasped out of thin air It was good to get to the end but I wont be getting another one in this series