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General ‘Boy' reader Ö Paperback ✓ [Reading] ➽ General ‘Boy': The Life of Lieutenant General Sir Frederick Browning By Richard Mead – This is the first biography of Boy Browning whose name is inextricably linked with the creation and employment of Britains airborne forces in the Second World War Commissioned iTo Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip and then Treasurer to the latter following the ueens accession He was a close adviser to the Royal couple who respected and valued his judgmentBy this time Boy and Daphne lived separate lives with Boy working at the Palace in London and Daphne reluctant to leave her beloved Cornwall although the marriage remained intact uestions exist as to Daphnes sexuality and Boy had a succession of discrete mistresses After a nervous breakdown probably due to marriage problems he resigned in 1959 and retired to Cornwall Browning died in March 196 A wonderfully well researched insight into this fascinating piece of WWII history Vive les paratroopers What courageous people Sets the record straight after the misrepresentation of 'Boy' Browning in the film A Bridge Too Far

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This is the first biography of Boy Browning whose name is inextricably linked with the creation and employment of Britains airborne forces in the Second World War Commissioned into the Grenadier Guards Browning served on the Western Front earning a DSO during the Battle of Cambrai As Adjutant at Sandhurst he began the tradition of riding a horse up the steps at the end of the commissioning parade Browning represented England and Great Britain as a hurdler at the 1928 Winter Olympics In 1932 Browning married Daphne du Maurier who was ten years younger and became one of the 2 Excellent read if your interested in the second world war

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General ‘Boy' The Life of Lieutenant General Sir Frederick Browning0th centurys most enduring and popular novelists with titles such as Jamaica Inn and Rebecca Browning commanded two brigades before being appointed to command 1 Airborne Division in 1941 later acting as Eisenhowers advisor on airborne warfare in the Mediterranean In 1944 he commanded 1st Airborne Corps which he took to Holland for Operation MARKET GARDEN that September Allegedly coining the phrase a bridge too far he has received much of the blame for the operations failureIn late 1944 Browning became Chief of Staff to Mountbatten In 1948 he became Comptroller and Treasurer This is my second attempt My first review was wiped out after I'd put the stars in Browning was an unlikely husband for Daphne Du Maurier He was sociable and liked committees She was unsociable and hated all that sort of thing Browning or 'Boy' as he was unfortunately called it has connotations of immaturity was born to the privilege of Eton and the Grenadier Guards He won a DSO in WW1 but was off sick uite a lot In fact his whole life was littered with time off for nervous illness His exterior was unflappable and competent but he was prone to depression and drunk and smoked to excess He was nonetheless an excellent soldier and by the time WW2 came had been promoted so much he soon became a General He was involved in the embryo Parachute Battalionor whatever it was called and helped prevent it being strangled at birth by the other services Top Brass seem a bunch of wrangling egotists Hitler had recognised that paratroops had a short expectation of life after Crete Nevertheless Browning believed in them as did others and they did well on D Day Unfortunately there after there was a great deal of inaction and when Montgomery proposed Market Garden in September 1944 they jumped at it It was always risky and would only have worked if everything had gone right Unfortunately owing to RAF caution they could not all land on one day and were on a loser at Arnhem from then on Other mistakes were made but they were not criticalUnfortunately the film A Bridge Too Far is a bit like Braveheart inaccurate propaganda In this case pro American with Browning the unfairly depicted scapegoat In my opinion the whole operation did not have sufficient resources or proper leadership the mixture of Americans and British saw to that and Montgomery failed to give it his usual attention to detailBrowning was fine in my opinion although not blameless He was a highly strung man and playing his imperturbable role took its toll on his healthas did the drinking and smoking no doubt caused by severe stress Being Prince Philip's right hand man and living in London all week no doubt did not help and he died before he was 70This is a well written and sympathetic book and Browning comes over as as a reasonable husband considering how difficult Du Maurier was with her crushes on others and a good although inevitably mostly absentee fatherHe had a good and mostly pampered life Generals seemed to live like kings with their batmen chauffeurs and so onWe are better off for his having existed and he comes over as likeable and able if superficially stand offish like most of the Old Etonians I've metHe was charming to manywe're toldand fair to if very strict with his troops