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The Yompers With 45 Commando in the Falklands WarBattle for Two Sisters a 1000 foot high mountain which was the key to the defensive positions around StanleyThis is a first hand story of that epic feat but it is muchthan that The first to be written by a company commander in the Falklands War the book gives a compelling vivid description of the yomp and infantry fighting and it also offers penetrating insights into the realities of war at higher levels It is a uniue combination of descriptive This is an outstanding Falklands book one of the very best I have read The account of the yomp across East Falkland and the Battle of Two Sisters had me completely enthralled My thoughts were 'rather you than me' despite the fact that I spent 3 weeks being bombed in San Carlos Water One walks with the men as they strive across the rough landscape carrying 100 lbs on their backs following the man ahead in a long snake at 1 mile per hour One feels the immense physical burden and admires their spirit to just keep going in the rain and cold and freuent lack of food and shelter An impressive statistic was that once the initial stragglers with twisted ankles and busted backs had been sent back all who survived the first march kept going till the end at Port Stanley They were in harmony with the elements and felt they could go on for everThis is just the central part of a fascinating book What greatly adds to the enjoyment is the constant analysis of the human factors the analysis of why men go to war and fight even to the point of death not for ueen and country not for their military leaders and certainly not for the Politicians They fight and keep going for their mates and the human need not to be letting their mates down or to be seen to be a 'wanker' I found the opening chapter uite fascinating as the Marines are summoned from odd spots in the world and all get back in time to deploy More importantly the whole war machine creaked uickly into the business of mounting an amphibious operation coming as a complete shock to a Navy which had virtually forgotten how to do it So many lessons had to be re learnt and a number of organisational mistakes were made Where there were obvious problems with command issues these are tackled frankly but tempered with a sympathetic understanding of the huge burdens carried

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Called to action on 2 April 1982 the men of 45 Commando Royal Marines assembled from around the world to sail 8000 miles to recover the Falkland Islands from Argentine invasion Lacking helicopters and short of food they yomped in appalling weather carrying overloaded rucksacks across the roughest terrain Yet for a month in mid winter they remained a cohesive fighting fit body of men They then fought and won the highly successful and fierce night Fascinating insight into the Falklands from the point of view from the Royal Marines rather than the Paras Gripping and gritty in portraying the daily travails of the green berets on the ground and educating those of us who were unaware in the realities and difficulties in providing and euipping a standing professional armed forces to deal with a range of threats It also exposed limitations in command and control that hopefully have been addressed

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The Yompers eBook ✓ With 45 Commando in the Falklands War ð Ian R. Gardiner ð [Read] ➪ The Yompers: With 45 Commando in the Falklands War By Ian R. Gardiner – Called to action on 2 April 1982 the men of 45 Commando Royal Marines assembled from around the world tWriting about front line fighting and wider reflections on the Falklands War and conflict in generalGritty and moving; sophisticated reflective and funny this book offers an abundance of timeless truths about warPostscript Yomping was the word used by the Commandos for carrying heavy loads on long marches It caught the publics imagination during this short but bitter campaign and epitomized the grim determination and professionalism of our troo I thought this book was brilliant and I recommend it unreservedly It is the second book I've read from a soldier giving an account of his experiencesInteresting too to read the thoughts of a company commander who of course had leadership responsibilities It was reassuring somehow to see a unit allowed to use personal civilian clothing which was suitable for the wet and cold winter conditions a triumph for commons sense I wonder how many army units of the day would have forced soldiers to use army clothing only; in other words no mixed dress however much sense it makes with particular reference to gloves gaiters and boots I remember his description vividly concerning the boots how even the latest outdoor boots of the time uickly got saturated and that the campaign involved constant wet feet no amount of exertion I suspect would have warmed up the feet when they were soggy like thatGardiner's writing is easy to read and captures the mood from the moment he is woken up and told to mobilize There is sufficient detail too and his book has answered many uestions about the Falklands War and in particular the experience of the march across the Falklands by the marines This book reinforces my firm belief that the crack troops of the Royal Marines are of the highest calibre second only to the soldiers of the Regular Infantry battalions of the British Army