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From Green to Blue A shockingly accurate British police procedural set in London in the 1980s Book 1 The Blue TrilogyOrphaned at to Blue PDFEPUB #188 eighteen a nave and solitary Chris Pritchard joins the Metropolitan Police in From Green Epubsearch of a family friends and a regular income He is posted to Stoke Newington Green to Blue eP. Having served in the police myself I take great interest in UK police novels & biographies of personal experiencesJonathan Cox has so far produced five fiction books charting the career of the character PC Chris Pritchard or Nostrils as he becomes affectionately knownJonathan's own experience as a career detective in London's Metropolitan Police has served him well in delivering an excellent story of how much policing has changed in the last 30 yearsI originally purchased books 1 2 & 3 in 2015 which I thoroughly enjoyed at the time They were all top uality books easy to read and hard to put downI then purchased books 4 & 5 recently so I went back to re read the earlier books then I could read them all in order and get as much out as books 4 & 5 as I could I actually enjoyed reading them a second time because there was to look forward toI would recommend anyone getting into Jonathan Cox's stories to read them in order as the stories do crossover with references made to earlier incidents and charactersThe first story titled 'From Green to Blue' is set in 1983 and sees the central character join the Met as a 19 year old raw recruit The story captures life in a bygone 1980s London prior to the Police & Criminal Evidence Act and the introduction of the Crown Prosecution Service This was when the police regularly 'fitted' up criminals to achieve results and their legal powers were often unorthodox and criminal tooJonathan creates a believable and likeable character in Chris Pritchard and we see how he is sucked into a world where he has to uestion his own integrity if he has a chance to survive as a frontline poluce officerThis first story sets the scene for events that follow in the later stories which are spread over a twenty year time frame each book set a few years inbetween it's predecessor and successor We eventually see our character progress to CID and the story sees changes in both his professional and personal life as he gets older and the way of life in London changesI thoroughly enjoyed all of these books I do hope maybe Jonathon may return with a 6th story but we will have to wait and see

Summary From Green to Blue: A shockingly accurate British police procedural set in London in the 1980s (Book 1) (The Blue Trilogy)

Free download Ó From Green to Blue: A shockingly accurate British police procedural set in London in the 1980s (Book 1) (The Blue Trilogy) ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ ❰Reading❯ ➸ From GreeNey which is regularly amusing freuently sad and occasionally bizarreYou will not read aaccurate account of how London was policed a generation agoThe author is a retired police officer who served with the Met for over yea. happily I'm another of the ex serving GN old boys and its easy to relate to the writing of this wonderful first book in the Trilogy Lots of memories gained from the pages some of which are close to the knucklebut then the job still got doneprobably far effectively than it does todayThe Force of today is hopefully maintaining the camaraderie of the 80'sbut I'm not sure it would allow the personalities of those days Shame in any tight knit situationsthere is a need for strength of character along with some bottle and bags of humour All of these are cleverly woven onto the pages as the boys keep turning up for work every day to protect the unknowing public Excellent read and worth every penny Carry on Jonathan

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UB #185 police station in Londons tough East EndDespite barely concealed contempt for her hapless new charge Green to Blue A shockingly PDFEPUB or his experienced instructor WPC Dawn Matthews puppy walks him through a jour. I loved this book got it for the bargain price of 99p and I like it so much I've now bought all 5 books It was a bit confusing it was advertised as The Blue Trilogy but now I've found there's five books This first one sets the scene as young clueless wet behind the ears Chris Prichard joins the Metropolitan Police and becomes 'Nostrils' a real copper The plonk Dawn Matthews takes him in hand as his puppy walker and after a shaky start he finds his feet and comes to admire and respect his experienced colleague I loved this book its gritty and realistic and as I lived through the eighties I well remember how the police were both feared and respected even though at times they deserved neither Times have changed and I look forward to watching it all change through the eyes of Chris Prichardor should I just say 'Nostrils'