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Tornado Over the Tigris Recollections of a Fast Jet PilotDangerous Michael Napiers Tornado flying ranged from routine low flying in continental Europe and the UK to air combat maneuvering in Sardinia and the ultra realistic Red Flag exercises in the United States From a struggling first tourist to a respected four ship leader Napier became an instructor at the Tactical Weapons Unit at RAF Chivenor He later return If there was an award for the most laid back story teller then Michael Napier would get it for this book Very easy to read and so many laugh out loud moments its unbelievable simply one of the best accounts I've read about one mans journey through the RAF and leaves you wondering at times if its fact or fiction with some of the mishaps and stunts Nice selection of photos from the author and others taken at the time is included as you go through the book and this is a nice touch Even if your not a fan of aviation stories this is a very interesting book due to how its written and presented and I would happily recommend this book

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A Royal Air Force pilot recounts his service flying Tornados over Cold War era Germany and post Gulf War Ira in this thrilling military memoirAfter achieving a boyhood ambition to ualify as an RAF pilot Michael Napier was posted to RAF Bruggen in Germany where he spent five years flying Tornado GR1s at the height of the Cold War Always exhilarating and often From his first moment of aviation awareness to the breathtaking and touching account of his last flight in a Tornado 'Napes' writes a beautiful memoir that puts the reader firmly in the cockpitFrom first clumsy training flights right through to mastery of a complex fast jet the story is absorbing charming and full of escapades and great flying Just what a book from inside the RAF should beThrilling from the start I didn't want it to end

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Tornado Over the Tigris doc Ä Recollections of a Fast Jet Pilot ´ michael napier ´ ➵ [Reading] ➷ Tornado Over the Tigris: Recollections of a Fast Jet Pilot By Michael Napier ➪ – A Royal Air Force pilot recounts his service flying Tornados over ColEd to flying the Tornado at Bruggen as a Flight Commander shortly after the Gulf War flying a number of operational sorties over Ira which included leading air strikes against Irai air defense installations as part of major Coalition operations With candor and vivid detail Napier offers an insiders look at one of the RAFs legendary now retired Torando aircra This book is very detailed in the stages of training a jet pilot and following his career in the RAF I felt that I had also been trained along side him and was so well written that towards the end I felt that I could have flown a Tornado over the various bombing ranges with him It showed what the situation was in Europe during the Cold War and gave an insight to the variety of training sorties needed to keep the skill levels up to date There is no dramatic events or serious incidents in the book but I thoroughly enjoyed this period in the life of a fast jet pilot