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Too Good To Be True (Quick Reads 2016) characters ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¼ [Ebook] ➡ Too Good To Be True (Quick Reads 2016) By Ann Cleeves – Too Good To Be True is a gripping uick Read from Ann Cleeves featuring Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez from the bestselling Shetland serAnna Could Tom have been involved with her death Sarah refuses to believe it but needs proofAnna had been a teacher She must have loved kids Would she kill herself knowing there was nobody to look after her daughter She had seemed happier than ever before she died And to Perez this suggests not suicide but murd. I have no idea why Ann has written a novella As usual it is well written so it receives full marksJimmy Perez Inspector from the Shetland Island is asked by his ex wife to investigate a suicide of a young girl from her village He has only two days to investigate He soon finds it to be a murder He also finds his ex wife s husband is involved And as usual finds a motive and the murdererThis story is a distillation of Ann s Shetland series The village is a confined space like the island Outwardly a nice safe place but hiding dark undercurrents Family secrets and actions from the past drive the events And it is Jimmy s understanding of these factors and his ability to talk to the locals that enables him to see past the obviousI am reminded of the detective stories where they are on vacation and end up being pulled into a murder investigation So fans of Agatha and the like won t be disappointed Perhaps it seems like a precis of her regular novels and is too good to be true A title which did not seem to fit the storyI would have liked this to be a longer story to enable greater depth of reveals but it is a novella so have to be satisfied The story has uite a lot of airing of dark history and many twists and turns the ending is disguised well but comes very uickly so Jimmy can board his ferry home

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Too Good To Be To Be Epub #225 True is a gripping uick Read from Ann Cleeves featuring Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez from the bestselling Shetland seriesWhen young teacher Anna Blackwell is found dead in her home the police think her death was suicide or a Too Good MOBI #181 tragic accident After all Stonebri. Having watched all the Shetland tv series and bought all the books about them I thought I d try this uick read book as I like the occasional short story Excellent writing kept me guessing wrong as usual Love the Jimmy Perez character and good to see him solving a mystery away from his comfort zone in Shetland I see not all reviewers have liked it but if you like crime thrillers which I do this is a good read before going onto the Shetland books 4 stars given as may have been a bit better if part of a bigger story line

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Too Good To Be True Quick Reads 2016Dge is a uiet country village in the Scottish Borders where murders just dont happen But Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez soon arrives from far away Shetland when his ex wife Sarah asks him to look into the case The Good To Be Epub #226 local gossips are saying that her new husband Tom was having an affair with. I haven t read any of the Shetland novels so wasn t sure if this short read would work as a standalone Thankfully it does I enjoyed this short tale A lot happens in a few pages and Cleeves does a great job of building suspense and tension and the pacing is spot on I liked Jimmy as a character I have the first Shetland novel Raven Black and I definitely want to read this now Too Good To Be True isn t fantastic but I enjoyed it and read it in twenty minutes so can t complain I like Cleeves writing style I liked the way Jimmy gradually unravels the truth about Anna