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One of the Few A Story of Personal Challenge through the Battle of Britain and BeyondG memoirs originally published in 1971 tell the story of his life in the RAF from his struggles as a boy on the Canadian Prairies to get into the air detailing his experiences as a test pilot in Farnborough and his constant efforts to excel at what he did In this new edition alongside the classic tale of derring do Kents daughter provides supplementary material that places his extraordinary story into the broader context of his life as a son husband and father Poignant uestions are raised about what it meant to be One of the Few for both the men themselves and those to whom they were closes It should be noted that earlier reviews listed here refer to earlier editions of this book which contain only Johnny Kent's memoirs The memoirs cover his entire remarkable career and are written in the genre expected of war heroes in the post war period In this new edition Kent's daughter has added two new chapters an introduction and an epilogue in which she reflects on who he was and how his life was shaped by history She pays particular attention to his rite of passage into manhood when he led the Polish pilots of 303 Suadron during the Battle of Britain In the epilogue Kent's daughter writes of how she believes her father suffered not only from the effects of warfare but from the problems of fitting into English society when social differences began to be reasserted in the wake of the war These two additional chapters make this book into a rather different product from its original form and they answer some of what other reviewers were evidently hoping to find in the life story of this extraordinarily brave and dignified man

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One of the Few doc ☆ reader A Story of Personal Challenge through the Battle of Britain and Beyond ¿ ✰ [BOOKS] ✸ One of the Few: A Story of Personal Challenge through the Battle of Britain and Beyond By Alexandra Kent ✽ – New and updatedNew and updated edition the original autobiography is enhanced by the addition of family photos and extracts from unpublished letters and writings by the author and a moving and informative new introduction and epilogue by Alexandra Kent Johnny Kents daughter who presents the father she knew not only a distinguished and brave war hero but a man who suffered with the scars of warI turned into the attack The German formation split up and a general mle ensued grey shapes with black crosses on them flashed past only feet away next the brown and green of a Hurricane flashed across the sights so Really well written book by Johnny Kent about his life in the RAF before during and after World War 2 If read in isolation you would only see the man who fought many battles The addition of the chapters written by his daughter after his death showed about the real man especially about how his experiences affected his family life after the war and how alcohol provided a way of coping In other memoirs this kind of detail is often missing because you don't usually get chapters written by family members who know the person from the outside

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Confused was the fight that one had little or no chance to see if ones fire had taken effect before having to take wild evasive action to avoid either the enemys fire or a collisionGroup Captain Johnny Kent joined the RAF in the 1930s and went on to become a flight commander of one of the most successful fighter suadrons of the Second World War In this role he helped the famous 303 Polish Suadron play a decisive part in the Battle of Britain and this earned him the highest Polish military award the Virtuti Militari as well as the affectionate nickname KentowskiGroup Captain Kents fascinatin I found this book to be a wonderful account of the life of one amazing man Johnny Kent an airman who despite being from Canada gave so much effort towards protecting our country during the second World WarHe led from the front confronting the enemy every day and found it hard at times to shoot down an enemy aircraft after looking into the eyes of the enemy pilot another human being but he did it anywayHis descriptions of battle were fascinating as were his account of the various roles he played besides being a fighter pilot especially when he had groups of Polish airmen under his command who were prone to great excitement in thier efforts to shoot down an enemy plane due to the fact that their country was occupied and the citizens treated so badlyHe continued to serve in the RAF after the war commanding stations such as RAF Odiham