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Review Ø Spook Street: Slough House Thriller 4 Í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ [KINDLE] ❁ Spook Street: Slough House Thriller 4 By Mick Herron – Soon to be a TV series starring Oscar award winning actor Gary Oldman as Jackson LambThe new kiSoon to be a TV Slough House PDF #205 series starring Oscar award winning actor Gary Oldman as Spook Street PDF Jackson LambThe new king of the spy thriller Mail on SundayRazor sharp prose fully formed Street Slough House ePUB #10003 characters and an underlying pathos make this series the most exciting development in spy fiction since the Cold War The TimesA terrific spy novel sublime dialogue frictionless plotting Ian RankinWINNER OF THE CWA IAN FLEMING STEEL DAGGERNever outlive your ability t. Mick Heron is in a class of his ownAs a long time fan of the genre I'd pretty much given up on anybody coming along that is truly new different and better when 'The Slow Horses' came along and I was introduced to the ensemble cast of Mi5 misfits who work out of Slough HouseThis is the fourth in the series and Heron's work just goes from strength to strength What sets him apart is not just the incredibly strong concept of disgraced spies being mobilised by events It is his highly literate voice his descriptive abilities and his capacity to build characters that you can really relate to Further he has an acerbic and biting wit that has you smiling when you aren't crying or hanging onto your chair during one of his sparse white knuckle action seuencesI dislike comparisons and feel slightly nauseous when I read that every new spy writer is the next Le Carre Deighton or Fleming Particularly when they turn out to be cardboard cut outs of the aforementioned Herron is no impersonator of the great and the good He is truly uniue and deserves huge success I would recommend reading them in chronological order because although they do 'stand alone' the characters are linked and understanding their back stories will enrich your experience

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O survive a fight Twenty years retired David Cartwright can still spot when the stoats are on his trail Jackson Lamb worked with Cartwright back in the day He knows better than most that this is no vulnerable old man Nasty old spook with blood on his hands would be aaccurate descriptionThe old bastard has raised his grandson with a head full of guts and glory But far from joining the myths and legends of Spook Street River Cartwright is consigned to Lambs team of pen pushing no hopers at Slough. We really must stop comparing every spy writer with GreeneDeightonLe Carre Its time to compare new writers to Herron who is setting a new standard for the spy novel and not before time From the outrageous Petomane Jackson Lamb to the back knifing ladies of `The Park' Herron has created a repertory of characters most of whom we have all met in different milieu in real life His dialogue is so high voltage its worth delaying the narrative just to re read the best takes As someone with some experience of the world of counter intelligence I can guarantee that Herron has found the language and deployed it to superb effect Spook Street has it all plot pace development and a uiet controlled energy that has propelled the spy novel into a new age and finally dragged me away from the television to enjoy the ancient and almost lost art of reading The worst thing with this Herron novel is the sense of dread and imminent disappointment as the unread pages diminish Herron has hit pay dirt and we are all richer for it

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Spook Street Slough House Thriller 4HouseSo its Lamb they call to identify the body when Cartwrights panic button raises the alarm at Service H And Lamb who will do whatever he thinks necessary to protect an agent in peril As a master of wit satire insight Herron is difficult to overpraise Daily TelegraphIrresistible writing ironclad storytelling and off kilter humour Financial TimesMick Herrons novels are a satirical chronicle of modern Britainin their gleefully shocking way his books reflect the trajectory of the nation Economis. It takes a writer of great creative talent to come up with a character as original as Jackson Lamb 'Spook Street' is the fourth book in Mick Herron's magnificent series about the misfits from the intelligence services who inhabit Slough House And in my opinion it's his best yet I won't try to describe the plot partly because I couldn't do it justice but also because it would be impossible to do so without including spoilersIf you haven't previously read any of the books in this series I do recommend them but suggest you read them in order rather than jumping in with 'Spook Street' first Not all lovers of spy thrillers will take to the wickedly dark humour which Herron excels at but I enjoy it immensely and am looking forward to the next instalment in the series