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BODILY HARM a gripping crime thriller full of twists (Langthorne Police Series Book 1) review ↠ 104 È ➺ [Reading] ➼ BODILY HARM a gripping crime thriller full of twists (Langthorne Police Series Book 1) By CHARLIE GALLAGHER ➯ – FULL OF TWEs of criminals for over fifteen years Well known and respected on both sides of the line he is now responsible for running a team who work the crimes that come out of one of the countys most notorious housing estates He is married to Sarah and they have a little girlWhat readers are saying about Charlie Gallaghers booksI was hooked from page MaggieCharlie Gallagher is a police detective which means police procedures are spot on His cast of characters are believable Elizabeth Burns Explosive from the opening chapter Excellent storyline Sarah It's one of the most exciting fast paced crime novels that I've read GreatStuffProbably the best police procedural books I have read and I have read a lot W CollinsALSO BY CHARLIE GALLAGHERLANGTHORNE POLICE SERIESBook BODILY HARMBook PANIC BUTTONBook BLOOD MONEYBook END GAMEBook MISSINGBook THEN SHE RANBook HER LAST BREATHMADDIE IVESBook HE IS WATCHING YOUBook HE WILL KILL YOUBook HE WILL FIND YOUBook HE KNOWS YOUR SECRETSBook HE WILL GET YOUBook THE DEADLY HOUSESSTANDALONE CRIME THRILLERSRUTHLE. I read Charlie Gallagher's newest release Ruthless and loved it so I am working my way through all of his novels now This is a police procedural thriller written by a serving officer so he knows what he is talking about He covers the seedier side of life and some of the situations in the novel are a real eye opener but nevertheless they are true to lifeGeorge Elms is a mid thirties copper with years of experience in a 'nice' town with a housing estate which skews the crime figures for the county It's mostly drug related but things can spill over and it can turn very nasty While there is a scheme from on high to try and stop this descent into hell George is unaware of it and is desperately trying to fit the crimes to the cons It's not his fault that the hidden scheme falls apart when his investigations cross into it although he is the one who ends up in hospitalCharlie's books are very fast paced They are page turners which make the reader forget real life and concentrate solely on the action going on in the book I ran the whole gamut of emotions as I read it fear disgust surprise shock and empathy for George and his little family At one point I found myself shouting ' Don't go outside No no' It's not often I react verbally as I am reading a book but it shows the power of the writing Not to be missed


ARM a gripping crime thriller PDF or nail biting conclusionWho can you trust And when his family is put at risk will DS George Elms go beyond the lawIf you like Angela Marsons Rachel Abbott Mel Sherratt or Mark Billingham you will be gripped by this exciting new crime fiction writerBODILY HARM is book one of a new HARM a gripping crime thriller PDF or series of detective thrillers THE AUTHORCharlie Gallagher has been a serving UK police officer for ten years During that time he has had many roles starting as a front line response officer then a member of a specialist tactical team and is currently a detective investigating serious offences THE SETTINGLangthorne typical of many smaller seaside towns dotted around the UK's coastline Once a thriving tourist destination where the affluent built grand seafront houses it has suffered a hard fall from grace Unemployment has blighted the area and so has crime THE DETECTIVEGeorge Elms joined the police pretty much straight out of school and now in his mid thirties hes been getting in the fac. I struggled to get into this book which opens with a bit of an info dump then what could be a tense scene on a bus where teenagers Sophie and Jamie are attacked by a drug addict The tension is dissipated by jumping between the points of view of everyone on the bus Although Jamie has a good look at their attacker he is never uestioned by the police and in fact never features again He hits their attacker a few times but the police don’t carry out any DNA tests on him or his clothesThe protagonist DS George Elms is a promising lead but comes across as a bit dozy when he’s introduced in a very static scene Finally half way through chapter two we get to what should be the opening scene The story then begins to move forward introducing a cocktail of policing politics and criminalsThe ending – SPOILER ALERT – lost credibility when a badly injured Elms and his Chief Constable decide to confront a very violent and dangerous gang with NO back up and without letting anyone else know where they were goingSoon after this confrontation I’m 91% of the way through the kindle and I’m thinking ‘We’ve got a fair few loose ends to deal with in the last few pages’ Then I see the words THE END What On the next page is an invitation to buy book two followed by an ad for book three Sorry I’m not falling for that one I expect a book to have a satisfying end not be part one of several


BODILY HARM a gripping crime thriller full of twists Langthorne Police Series Book 1FULL OF TWISTS AND TURNS THIS a gripping PDF #8608 CRIME THRILLER WILL KEEP YOU TURNING THE PAGES UNTIL THE SHOCKING CONCLUSIONOne of the grittiest most authentic police thrillers you will read this year An edge of your seat crime thriller starts with a vicious stabbing of a pretty teenage girl and her boyfriend on a local bus She happens BODILY HARM eBook #180 to be the mayors niece Its the final straw for the community The police are desperate to get results and decide on a risky course of action involving undercover infiltration of the notorious Effingell Estate Detective George Elms knows this hellish place extremely well and his sharp investigative mind is put to work to solve the crime HARM a gripping MOBI #245 The police are under immense media pressure and conveniently a local lowlife confesses to the attack But George is not convinced There are many layers of criminal and police motivation and few people are what they seem Authentic fast paced and with a touch of black humour you wont want to put down BODILY HARM till the H. I have now read all three books in this series and really enjoyed the realism only someone with real hands on experience can get acrossThe characters are totally believable and you often wonder if they are based upon real people on both sides of the law the author has come across in his 'day jobThe build up to the villains getting their come uppance is skilfully done so when it finally happens you find yourself cheeringThis guy is definitely in the same division as Peter Robinson and Peter James when it comes to UK based crime novels