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Introducing Carl THE ENEMY PDFEPUB #228 Logan Dance with the Enemy is the action packed and gripping first chapter in the highly acclaimed and bestselling Enemy series of espionage thrillers featuring Carl LoganCarl Logan was the perfect agent A loner No real DANCE WITH PDFEPUBfriends or family Trained to deal with any situation with cold efficiency devoid of emotion But Logan isnt the man he used to be or the asset he once was Five months ago his life changed forever when he WITH THE ENEMY PDF #197 was captured tortured and left for dead by Youssef Selim one of the worlds most violent terrorists When Selim mysteriously reappears in Paris linked to the kidnapping WITH THE ENEMY a gripping eBook #207 of Americas Attorney General Logan smells his chance for r. Dance with the Enemy by Rob Sinclair 5 5 starsFirstly staying vague and spoiler free I will just say that if you haven t yet read this book don t read this review as further down it will contain spoilers instead go read the book as it s brilliant Ok spoilers below you ve been warned On starting this book I was wary that it would need to grab me instantly as I tend to dip into the thriller genre between chick lit and romance reads so if it doesn t grab me instantly I get boredwithin a couple of pages I was hooked with a fast paced start it was hard not to continue reading as the plot unfolded and what started as a dip into the book became a 4 5 chapter start to the book sadly at this point I had to put the book down to read something else that was time sensitive to finish so it was a while before I continued when I came back to this book the second time I expected to need to back track a bit but instead found I fell straight back into the story without any need to refresh my memory of the earlier chapters and again got uickly gripped into the storyline I found this book had great attention to detail without becoming over descriptive and boring in the process and some of the gruesome scenes had me feeling uite sick to the stomach though I m a wuss when it comes to gruesome and gave me a huge amount of empathy towards the characters I loved the main character Carl Logan known as other names within the story too being an undercover agent though possibly not intended I found some of his intended covert ops uite humorous as they went askew in ways you wouldn t think possible for someone so well trained lol Which in turn made me feel sorry for his boss Mackie who seemed to spend time covering Logan s tracks than working up new intelligence Further characters provided great additions to the storyline and although when things seemed to be tying up I knew there had to be due to having a chunk of book left it didn t occur to me that the story was heading in the direction that it ended up going in which made for a nice surprising twist at the endlooking forward to the next book in the series but will be sure to make sure my schedule is clear next time so I don t have to put the seuel down

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DANCE WITH THE ENEMY a gripping thriller full of suspense and twists Enemy series Book 1Evenge Pursuing his WITH THE ENEMY a gripping eBook #207 man relentlessly oblivious to the growing trail of destruction that he leaves in his wake Logan delves increasingly deep into the web of lies and deceit surrounding the kidnapping Finally he comes to learn just what it means to Dance with the EnemyPraise for Rob Sinclair and Dance with the Enemy an excellent and action packed story that is hard to put down Andrea Giannini Redbrick twists and turns that kept me begging for jam packed with detailed action and adventure Monica McDaniel ebookreviewgal Sinclair is a genius story teller Catherine Rose Putsche Walkerputsche book blog A strong dramatic and enjoyable debut novel Cathy Ryan Between the Lines blog fast paced action thriller that will have you ho. Dance with the Enemy is the first of the fast pace espionage Enemy thriller series featuring the enigmatic Carl Logan After a gruelling five months and full of hatred following a near fatal assignment the experienced field agent has been given the opportunity to help the JIA a joint intelligence agency of the UK and the USA deal with a hugely sensitive problem but he s only got one week so he ll go for the low hanging fruit first Then a nightmare from his past reappears making the situation even worse while ghost Logan is supposed to be running a covert mission oh and what about the sting in the tail I m already looking forward to reading the next in the series

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DANCE WITH THE ENEMY a gripping thriller full of suspense and twists (Enemy series Book 1) Read ´ 2 Î ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ DANCE WITH THE ENEMY a gripping thriller full of suspense and twists (Enemy series Book 1) By Rob Sinclair ✩ – Introducing Oked from the first pageSinclair really knows how to write John Fish The Last Word Book Review Carl Logan may be a battled hardened agent but Rob Sinclair has managed to find his soul Treebeard bestsellingcrimethrillers Also available in the international bestselling Enemy Series Rise of the EnemyHunt for the EnemyRob Sinclair is the bestselling author ofThe Enemy SeriesJames Ryker Series Dark Fragmentsandthe globetrotting Sleeper A multiple time Kindle All Star author as one of the most read authors on Kindle Unlimited Rob Sinclair s Enemy series is fast paced and full of breathless action and perfect for fans of Lee Child Vince Flynn Brad Thor Tom Wood Scott Mariani CJ Box JB Turner Mark Greaney Mark Dawson Stephen Leather Andrew Watts Tim Tigner and othe. Agree with the comment that if this were a movie Forest Gump would play Logan Although I enjoyed the writing the hero certainly had some basic training needs I ll give him some leeway for not seeing he was being followed ever given how he was recovering from torture inflicted on him previously but to cause all the havoc he did for an intelligence operator is unforgiveable But mostly I disliked his high and mighty attitude A cold blooded murder in revenge for him is OK but not for anyone else And he sure has a cry baby girlfriend in FBI agent Angela Grainger although her ability to act is remarkable She s a much better spy than he is even though she s with the FBI and not really a spyOverall the plot line and story telling is good even if the true reason behind the kidnapping is a little far fetched I look forward to the next book to see how well Logan has recuperated emotionally and to see if how he deals with Angela