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FREE DOC å READER Gunship Pilot ´ An Attack Helicopter Warrior Remembers Vietnam Ç ROBERT F HARTLEY ✓ ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Gunship Pilot: An Attack Helicopter Warrior Remembers Vietnam By Robert F Hartley ⚣ – It was 1968 anEtails how he learned to rely on his superior training and euipment to follow through with his mission to kill the enemy and save the lives of his fellow soldiers below Gunship Pilot provides an unforgettable glimpse into two combat tours of duty in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot soaring high above rice paddies and jungles attempts to fulfill his duty of protecting Americas warriors on the ground Just finished this and was unable to put down until completedA different perspective on the story of helicopter warfare Cobra wise Lots of different types of missions portrayed Also highlights every day living issues in a war zone some with humour or with dangerIf you have read Low Level Hell then this is a good companion to it I wont give any spoilers but there are connections between these two personal accounts of warBob thank you for your Service and your memoirssalutes

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It was 1968 and Robert Hartley was on his first combat mission in Vietnam as copilot of a helicopter gunship As he and his platoon leader flew over the A Shau Valley a Chinook helicopter engulfed in flames suddenly came into view Hartley noticed tiny black smoking objects exiting the tail ramp of the aircraft Seconds later he realized those objects were men escaping the flames and plunging to th Mr Hartley is one of those veterans who writes with passion sensitivity and humility As he clearly states at the beginning of the book it is compiled from his memory rather than notes made at the time and in many respects is a better read for thatRegrettably the large number of typos prevent this edition from being what would otherwise be a 5 star recommendation If you can ignore or just gloss over those typos the book is a fascinating account from a gifted pilotFor those interested in Vietnam particularly or combat flying in general a worthy addition to your library I hope the author and his wife still enjoy retirement together goodness knows they deserve it

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Gunship Pilot An Attack Helicopter Warrior Remembers VietnamEir deaths It was in that moment that he silently wondered How the hell did I get here? Mr Hartley was still wet behind the ears when he was tossed into the cauldron of Americas most unpopular war as an attack helicopter gunship pilot As he shares a gripping birds eye view of battles that took him from the Demilitarized Zone in the north to the Mekong Delta in the south Mr Hartley compellingly d Imagine sitting with your grandad by the fire with him telling you war stories but every now and again there is a rocket attack or a horrible missile accident Better than Chicken Hawk transport and a little better than Low Level Hell scout helicopter recommended this is exactly what I wanted but has raised the bar significantly Some editing problems and a strange font size but wholeheartedly recommended