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Summary Target: Alex Cross: (Alex Cross 26) ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ø ❴Epub❵ ❤ Target: Alex Cross: (Alex Cross 26) Author James Patterson – No one gets this big without amazing natural storytelling talent which is what Jim has in spades The Alex Cross seThe nations capital As Chief of Detectives Alexs wife Bree Stone faces an ultimatum solve the case or lose her jobTARGET ALEX CROSSThe new President calls on Cross to lead an unparalleled FBI investigation to help capture Americas most wanted criminal But what follows will plunge the country into chaos and draw Cross into the most important case of his life THE BEST ALEX CROSS YETHeres what the fans say Its been a while since I last read a James Patterson Alex Cross novel and I had forgotten what a good series this is A fabulous readAnother winner for Alex Cross and the great J P Once again the author. I enjoyed the book guys I'm glad Patterson has not given in to political correctness as you'll see #FatShamingTense build up of murder and unabashed slaughterMissing Sampson's usual inclusion here and Ali was not put to as much use as he was in the last one where his brilliant prodigal theories broke the case wide openSPOILER THEORY BELOWNina's hyper sexed alter ego Kaycee and the final message written on the wallmirror or something published by an Min my opinion or at least wouldn't it be utterly fantastic if Kyle CraigKCKaycee M for Mastermind may have returned AGAINI can't remember the specifics from when Kyle died but there was definately a gas canister explosion on an ambulance did we get a description of what his body looked like The mastermind had the dollars to pay off a corrupt coroner to fake his death rightI know long shot But I just love the thought

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Produces a very readable book It is fast moving and the plot develops at a real pace I thoroughly enjoyed this and recommend it to allTarget Alex Cross is from page till the last one a warm bed for every thriller lover Snuggling down on a rainy day and this book in your hands youll forget the rest of the worldMultiple story lines woven into one keeps you interested and will make you hate yourself for finishing this book in one go Wheres number I want it nowIve been following Alex Cross since Along Came A Spider and Im not ready for his story to end yet This was a fast fun ride and it did not disappoin. I have struggled beyond belief with this book for over three weeks Picking it up and after an hour or so throwing it down in anger yet again because I have wasted another hour of my life on it But no I have read 59% of it and have just deleted it from my Kindle Absolutely woeful plot too many beyond the realm of belief characters and without doubt James Patterson at his WORST You have been warned Save your money

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Target Alex Cross Alex Cross 26No one gets this big without amazing natural storytelling talent which is what Jim has in spades The Alex Cross series proves it LEE CHILD international bestselling Target Alex Kindle author of the Jack Reacher seriesFrom the author of Sunday Times no bestseller The President is MissingTARGET HEAD OF STATEAlex Cross and his family join men and women from across the nation lining the streets of Washington DC to mourn the unexpected death of the President TARGET UNITED STATES CABINETWith the country still in shock the assassination of a prominent Senator strikes another devastating blow to the heart of. I have been a great fan of James Patterson for years than I care to remember I have read all of his earlier works before he started sub letting the writing to other authors and about half of his later stuff I really just don't trust that he is writing this many booksHowever The Alex Cross books have never been a let down and this one is no different It is fast paced and well thought out It twists and turns with no full idea of where it will end up And the ending delivers the goods A true gem of a novel from an author who is getting watered down by the year