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The Promise Read á 109 ↠ ❰EPUB❯ ✻ The Promise Author Teresa Driscoll – Brilliant writing and a compelling story will keep you on your toes all the way The SunExpertly handled noir Fiona Barton Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author of The WidowGripping and we Brilliant writing and a compelling story Ll the ripples each case caused and the haunting impact on the families friends and witnesses involved Its those ripples that she explores in her darker fictionTeresa lives in beautiful Devon with her family She writes womens fiction as well as thrillers and her novels have been sold for translation in nineteen languages You can find out about her books on her website wwwteresadriscollcom or by following her on Twitter TeresaDriscoll or Facebook wwwfacebookcom teresadriscollauth. When time and words were wasted over a hotel guest with a hole in his sock I knew this was filler country The blurb and talk of cliff hanger proved to be little than rumour In effect after all that effort nothing actually happened there was no climax no conclusion and my thought at the end was And

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Brilliant writing and a compelling story will keep you on your toes all the way The SunExpertly handled noir Fiona Barton Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author of The WidowGripping and well written with warm realistic characters who will haunt you long after youve reached the dramatic end Jane Corry Sunday Times bestselling author of My Husbands WifeSink your teeth into this juicy thriller Take A BreakIn this dark and twisting tale Teresa perfectly brings to life th. After reading Teresa Driscoll s last two thrillers I Am Watching You and The Friend I was incredibly excited to read The Promise I wasn t disappointed this is an absolutely stunning book A few people have pointed out that it s a slower burner than her last two novels and I d agree but I think this is one of the best things about The Promise this isn t just another thrill a minute shlocky read it really gets under your skin in such an effective way by the time I got to the conclusion so powerful won t spoil a thing I had been so absolutely spellbound by the book that I had to go for a walkJust like Driscoll s other work this book has everything I look for in a dark twisty read Great characterisation by the end I felt like I knew them personally captivating plot twists turns but not so freuent or over the top that I had my eyes rolling great imagery the works I already knew I loved Driscoll s writing so it was wonderful to dive back into her prose and boy did this deliverAll in all amazing read Really shows off how much of a command Driscoll has over language and pace and if you liked her earlier stuff are a fan then this is a must read shows a darker contemplative side to her writing that just makes me appreciate her first two books even CANNOT wait for whatever she writes next might have a new favourite author

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The PromiseE heartbreaking bond between former school friends Womans OwnA haunting story of secrets loss and regret The Promise The MOBI #181 is nevertheless also a celebration of the close bonds of friendship and the lengths people will go to protect the ones they love My WeeklyFor than twenty five years as a journalistincluding fifteen years as a BBC TV news presenterTeresa Driscoll followed stories into the shadows of life Covering crime for so long she watched and was deeply moved by a. Although this is the third book that Teresa Driscoll has written featuring the private investigator Matthew Hill this is actually of a preuel and is set before I Am Watching You which is the first book she wrote I thought I would mention this as I missed the page at the beginning of the book entirely my fault which told me this and spent most of the book completely confused as to why Matthew was single when I thought he was a married man But on to the book I really enjoyed the previous two books written by this author I Am Watching You as mentioned above and The Friend but this one surpasses both of them easily I don t whether it is because Ms Driscoll has experience as a writer highly unlikely or because the story itself is just so incredible The story is about three women Sally Beth and Carol who became friends when they were all at boarding school Sally and Beth have remained close friends but Carol seems to have disappeared over the years and when they find out the school is being closed down and demolished Sally and Beth realise they need to get in touch with Carol to discuss about something that happened when they were at the school I won t say anything as I hate it when people give the whole plotline of a book away but all I will say is that it is a cracking read and make sure you start reading of it when you have plenty of spare time as you will not be able to put it down A definite must read