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Spitfire!: The Experiences of a Fighter Pilot Doc ½ The Experiences of a Fighter Pilot Download Ú Dcmdirect  ➤ [Epub] ➞ Spitfire!: The Experiences of a Fighter Pilot By Brian Lane ➮ – Dcmdirect.co.uk This new illustrated Kindle editionNg the war it soon fell out of print along with many other servicemens combat memoirs and has only recently reached classic status In 2011 to a Spitfire and Hurricane flypast a memorial plaue was unveiled on the house Lane grew up in in Pinner Guests of honour included John Milne the 19 Suadron rigger responsible for refuelling and repairing the airframe on Lanes Spitfire during the summer of 1940About the EditorJonathan Reeve has been a history book publisher for twenty years and has been responsible for publishing several memoirs by Battle of Britain fighter pilots including SCRAMBLE by Tom Neil Enthralling THE DAILY MAIL SPITFIRE PILOT by Roger Hall No one has writtenvividly about air combat THE SUNDAY TIMES and SPITFIRE ACE by Gordon Olive Ever wonder what it was like to fly a Spitfire in the Battle of Britain? No account captures it uite so nerve shreddingly as this new book by a hero who flew 193 sorties THE DAILY MAIL He is also the editor of BATTLE OF BRITAIN VOICES A valuable contribution BBC WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE MAGAZIN Makes it real Very descriptive and you feel like you are sitting on his wing These were very brave men

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He shot down six enemy aircraft endured terrifying attacks from Messerschmitt 109s in the maelstrom of massed aerial dogfights and the death of many fellow pilots Brian was killed in action just six months after first publication in March 1942 His gripping memoir of life as Spitfire fighter pilot and of one of the few who saved Britain from invasion by Nazi Germany is a true heros last testimony About the AuthorBrian Lane from Pinner in north west London joined the RAF in 1937 and the prestigious 19 Suadron in September 1939 He married the famous racing driver Eileen Allison just before the Battle of Britain in June 1940 and was appointed suadron leader at the beginning of September 1940 Lane disappeared on 13 December 1942 after a dogfight with Focke Wulf 190s over the North Sea near Holland By this time Lane had shot down six enemy aircraft plus one additional shared kill His body was never recovered His memoir was originally published under the pseudonym Suadron Leader BJ Ellan by John Murray Publishers Although it sold well duri Awesome and brilliant words cannot express how good this is A must read War is an evil act of our kind To read these books is to show a little honour and respect to All the people caught up in the tragedy of war So many so so young Read this and and encourage others to do so too

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Spitfire The Experiences of a Fighter PilotThis new illustrated Kindle edition published by Spitfire Publishers in July 2018 substitutes Brian Lanes anonymous comrades pseudonyms imposed by the wartime censor with their real identitiesReproduces Brian Lanes previously unpublished combat reportsIncludes a newly written introduction glossary and set of biographies of Lanes fellow pilots and their fate written by historian Jonathan Reeve author of BATTLE OF BRITAIN VOICES A valuable contribution BBC WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE MAGAZINEIncludes 10 incredibly rare contemporary colour images of the Battle of Britain A very fine and vivid account MAX ARTHURBrian Lane was just 23 when he took command of the RAFs top fighter suadron The first to be euipped with the brand new Spitfire 19 Suadron blazed a deadly trail across the skies of the south east at the height of the Battle of Britain and led experimental trials with heavier armaments and new combat tactics Unlike most memoirs of the Battle of Britain Brian wrote his in 19401 whilst the fear exhaustion and mental stress was still raw uite simply a dazzling account of the exciting but brutal realities of life on a front line Spitfire suadron during the Battle of BritainThe book possesses a number of strengths chief among them being the compelling writing style which places the reader at the very heart of the conflict No punches are pulled and the unabashed enthusiasm for the virtues of the conflict possessed by the Author will resonate with anyone with even a passing interest in the Battle of BritainThe other strengths worthy of note are the attention to detail and the structure of the narrative Everything from downtime; the nervous tension at Dispersal through to depictions of ERK's hanging onto the tail assembly of a Spitfire whilst the engine is run up are all beautifully and accurately depictedIn this manner the Author blends supreme tension with a gritty realism shining a light on the less glamorous but absolutely vital aspects of suadron life in the processIn summary this book exposes the desperate reality faced by Great Britain 80 years ago The torturous mental and physical exertions detailed by the Author are fortified by a strong sense of what was right and what was wrong The Author's accounts of the personal; mechanical and tactical failings add poignancy contributing as they did to the life or death of those aerial gladiators in the skies above Britain There is a marginality at play in this account which isn't always appreciated by othersThis book is highly recommended and should be considered the bulwark for studies in this field