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B smackingly heart stoppingly breath holdingly brilliant RUTH JONESA novel that you live rather than merely read DAILY TELEGRAPHAmazing DAVINA MCCALLAn electrifying pulse racing novel REDWow This is a stunner of a book staggeringly good JANE FALLONAn emotionally devastating and Hours The Top Ten Sunday PDFEPUB or beautifully observed literary thriller OBSERVERAstonishing powerful terrifying heartbreaking EMMA FLINT Three Hours intersperses scenes of breath sucking tension with stirring meditations on human nature SARA COLLINS GUARDIANA brave timely and intricately crafted work EMMA STONEX. This book has had excellent reviews and has been called both a gripping thriller and a beautiful meditation on the nature of family friendship and courage will chill your heart and break your heart by turns Well was it Certainly chapter one exploded on to the page and I got a bit apprehensive wondering knowing it was about terrorist attack on a school if it would be a tense and scary read Well it wasn't really I felt a little detached from the main characters and I think that was because every time the tension ratcheted up it got bogged down in facts and information and took this reader out of the story and action Too much tell in places and not enough show But not all the way through It was patchy and towards the end it got tense and exciting and became a very good read if a little unrealistic I found the talking in her head imaginative conversations between Jamie's mother and herself made the action slow and did we need stuff like this After the Columbine attack by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold the phenomenon has been researched extensively I am sure a lot of research went into the book and the writer was giving us the benefit of that but for me it slowed down the story It could have been tense and taut in places But it is gripping and we'll written and a good read Happy to read from this talented writer

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Three Hours The Top Ten Sunday Times BestsellerThe Top ePUB #8608 THREE HOURS TO SAVE THE PEOPLE YOU LOVEA TOP SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLERTHE TIMES THRILLER OF THE YEARA BEST BOOK OF IN THE SUNDAY TIMES TIMES GUARDIANMAIL MIRROR LITERARY REVIEW STYLIST Hours The Top Ten Sunday PDFEPUB or RED ANDGOOD HOUSEKEEPINGA TIMES SUNDAY TIMES THRILLER OF THE MONTH In rural Somerset in the middle of a blizzard the unthinkable happens a school is under siegePupils and teachers barricade themselves into classrooms the library the theatre The headmaster Three Hours Kindle lies wounded in the library unable to help his trapped students and staff Outsid. I am a massive fan of Lupton's previous 5 star work and am very sorry to have to disagree with the majority of reviewers for this book Here Lupton has moved halfway into the thriller action anti terrorism territory of writers like Henning Mankell and Andy McNab but she simply isn't yet skilled at it From the perspective of that realm this comes across as clumsy wishful and not uite believable both in the details it gives and in the details psychological and material that it fails to give Lupton is full of compassion and she has an original and much needed perspective but I found myself wishing that she'd pull on a combat vest and find out what life is really like in those trenches I have and it's a lot less sentimental and emotionally manipulative while at the same time it's a lot strategically complex A tricky thing to pull off especially if you're trying to keep the universal vulnerability and psychological insight that Lupton is a master of Unless you're already a Lupton fan and especially if you're an action fan sadly I'd say give this one a miss

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Three Hours: The Top Ten Sunday Times Bestseller Free download ✓ 107 Ì [Read] ➱ Three Hours: The Top Ten Sunday Times Bestseller By Rosamund Lupton – THREE HOURS TO SAVE THE PEOPLE YOU LOVEA TOP 10 SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLERTHE TIMES THRILLER OF THE YEARA BEST BOOK OF 2020 IN THE SUNE a police psychiatrist must identify the gunmen while parents gather desperate for newsIn three intense hours all must find the courage to stand up to evil and save the people they love WHAT EVERYONES SAYING ABOUT THREE HOURSIf you read only one thriller this year make it this one it is that good DAILY MAILSuperb KATE MOSSEIts beautifully Hours The Top ePUB #10003 elegantly written SO gripping intelligent timely affecting and moving MARIAN KEYESA brilliant literary thriller moving masterly SUNDAY TIMESKept us on the edge of our seats from start to finish INDEPENDEN TBrilliant LEE CHILDGo. After all the hype very disappointing An interesting premise a siege of a school in Somerset let down by clunky long winded writing highly strained links to Macbeth and ludicrous liberal bias As an example of the latter a completely out of proportion percentage of the named police officerscounter terrorist officers involved are of Middle Eastern or Muslim origin in Somerset Add in a nasty Jewish character in a book full of sympathyempathy towards Syrian refugees and the use of dog whistle uotes from President Trump and various newspapers and you have the perfect liberal concoction that bears little relation to reality but doubtless makes the author feel good