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Young Offender Audio Download: Michael Maisey, Michael Maisey, Pan Macmillan Publishers Ltd: Audible Audiobooks review ¼ eBook or Kindle ePUB à [BOOKS] ✫ Young Offender Audio Download: MichaelThe day he entered the notorious Audio Download PDFEPUB #227 Feltham Young Offenders Institute Michael Maisey was excited He was going to be a legend to all his mates The year old was in for attempted murder He was innocent of this particular crime but amongst the violent and dangerous young men on his wing he was about to learn exactly how Young Offender PDFEPUBfar he d go to survive In Young. I was blown away and I read this book in one sitting til the early hours of the morning Why Because I saw myself in this book and shock me deeply I came from an Irish single parent family growing up in North London with a negative toxic mother and like Michael I was a terror way How I never got caught or sent to a correction facilities is beyond me What saved me was joining the British Army were I had a very rude awakening My life today is amazing with a great wife living in the Hounslow area where this book is set But I love this book and it s well written and construct with lots of inspiration motivate storiesI salute you and your great achievementBest Sean P S sorry for any spelling errors due to myself been dyslexic

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Offender we see what turned a good kid into a wanted criminal Abused by his uncle bullied at school at the age of he found the safety he craved in the ranks of a local gang in West London He graduated from shoplifting to armed robbery and for five years Michael Offender Audio Download ePUB #185 was in and out of Feltham on a downward spiral of crime and drug and alcohol addiction At rock bott. Just read this very truthful honest account of Michael s childhood growing up etc and the reasons he was addicted to drugs and alcohol Inspiring that he has been able to turn his life around and offer help give advice to others We have seen as a family the destruction alcohol and mental health issues can do to someone Our daughter has managed to be sober for 3 years but it is an uphill struggle all the time she like Michael found that by helping others to do the same helped her and she became a recovery coach We uickly learnt that so many people need help to show them a different way and from all walks of life the biggest thing we have learnt is not to be judgemental I just wish they could have AA or NA meetings for the younger guys from 14 to 25 maybe at the same venue but slightly different room just a thought Anyway read this book I read it within one day as I couldnt put it down It must give hope to people who are at rock bottom and I wish Michael and his family all the best for the future xxx

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Young Offender Audio Download Amazon co uk Michael Maisey Michael Maisey Pan Macmillan Publishers Ltd Audible AudiobooksOm he began attending AA meetings But the road to recovery would mean changing himself in the deepest possible ways Could Michael finally learn what it meant to be a good man Honest and inspiring this is a powerful story Offender Audio Download couk Michael eBook #200 of redemption Today Michael is a successful businessman and a loving father who spends time helping others find their way. A real honest account of one man s determination to make a good life and be a positive person humbled by the honesty within it This should be issued to anyone who is struggling in life