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Saint Justice Christopher Wren Thrillers Book 1They stole his truck Big mistakeCIA black ops legend Christopher Wren pulls over on a Utah highway after three weeks on the road An arbitrary decision he's about to regretA biker gang attacks Wren leaves him for dead and steals his truckNow he's going to get it backFrom a secr. Reformed cut leader and ex CIA operative Christopher Wren still needs to satisfy his addictive nature by punishing himself and a beating in a biker bar leads him into unexpected danger and a conspiracy which threatens the entire USA This is a refreshingly different thriller full of action and unexpected twists even if the amount of punishment inflicted seemed too great to be humanly sustainable The lead character is certainly a weird oneSaint Justice certainly held this reader's attention from The introductory chapter through to the very last sentence And that is all down to the intriguing g story and of course the excellent narration of Nick Cracknell who reads with understated emotion clearly with good inflection and pacing as well as giving each protagonist make or female an appropriate and distinctive voice A fine performanceI was fortunate in being freely gifted with a complimentary copy of Saint Justice at my reuest by the rights holder via Audiobook Boom Thank you It was an enjoyable read with some very concerning undertones and I certainly recommend it to all who like action filled thrillers with slightly unconventional heroes

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Read Saint Justice (Christopher Wren Thrillers Book 1) ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB æ [Epub] ❧ Saint Justice (Christopher Wren Thrillers Book 1) By Mike Grist – They stole his truck Big mistakeCIA black ops legend Christopher Wren pulls over on a Utah highway after three Any order Every bit as good as Reacher Bourner or Rapp I love Wren Addictive intelligent edge of your seat writing as urgent and gripping as it gets An incredible adventure packed with fights chases and narrow escapes great funGet started on this fast paced action thriller now. I really tried to complete this book I just hate not doing so Approximately halfway through I just could not be bothered to read any Unfortunately I found the plot so unbelievable and the lead character a complete parody of what you should expect him to be in this type of book Sorry but this is not for me

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Et warehouse in the desert Ringed with fences Filled with human cagesAs the body count mounts and a shocking national conspiracy unravels one thing is for certainJustice will be done The acclaimed Christopher Wren novels are each a complete action adventure and can be read in. It takes talent to be able to write in different genres and Mr Grist has shown that he has it in spadesA brutal and disturbing foray into the underbelly of humanity with a deeply flawed protagonist There are heart in your mouth moments parts that make you feel ill and an underlying vein of hope for Christopher and for the rest of us