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Capitol Spy (Novak and Mitchell Book 2) Read ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook  [PDF] ❤ Capitol Spy (Novak and Mitchell Book 2) By Andrew Raymond – Novak and Mitchell are close to exposing a Russian spy in Congress But a ruthless assassin and a deep state organization will do anything to stoF David Baldacci Dan Brown James Patterson and Gregg HurwitzWhat readers say about Andrew Raymonds booksTruly spectacular One of the best thrillers I have read in a long timeUnbelievably fast entertaining you cannot put it downSo good I had to set aside work I should be doing just to finish the storyIf even half of what Andrew Raymond writes is true we live in a very scary worldSo many twists and turns I seriously didnt figure it all out until the endIncredibleunputdownableCant wait for the next instalment. The first in the series Official Secrets was a well plotted and well told story though operating at the limits of credibility Capitol Spy went way beyond the limits and read like a James Bond story lots of brand names and prices nerdish detail about firearms and worst of all the old familiar secret organisation of ultra rich people controlling vast resources and deciding the fate of nations Lots of shoot outs too apparently it's easy to summon up suads of highly trained gunmen in an instant even in the middle of Moscow Pity because the two main characters are well drawn and likeable

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Sights and time is running outWith a powerful deep state organization pulling strings across the globe and an expert assassin closing in Novak and Mitchell must lay everything on the line to identify the mole and unlock a conspiracy decades in the makingTake a deep breath and hold on forCapitol Spys breathless action seuences and rollercoaster twistsin Novak and Mitchells most personal investigation so farA BOOK OF THE YEAR A cracking good thriller Chris Patten former Member of ParliamentPerfect for fans o. Wow just wow This second book in the series is every bit as thrilling as the first A brilliant breathtaking whirlwind of a story which links politics and espionage in a frighteningly believable story It gripped me from the start Fantastic read

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Capitol Spy Novak and Mitchell Book 2Novak and Mitchell are close to exposing a Russian spy in Congress But a ruthless assassin and a deep state organization will do anything to stop themIn Washington DC Russian reporter Andrei Rublov has uncovered the biggest story of his career a US congressman is spying for the Kremlin But before Rublov can reveal who he dies in a seemingly tragic accidentAsTom Novak and Stella Mitchellinvestigate a woman from Novaks past offers a chance at breaking the story But now Russias ruthless FSB have her in their. Fine I suppose that the first book in the series spoiled us it was great and really un put downable This one isn't bad in its own right but yes there were uite a few moments where one could hear the publisher's wow the first one was amazing and went right up there please now cream out a seuel as uickly as possible not to lose this momentum A few minor silly omissions like the description of the hyper rich gathering where someone was wearing clothes and accessories worth at least 6000 seriously that's barely the cost of a replacement strap for a watch among the 'hyper rich' Overall though and not to be too nitpicky if you enjoy good complex realistic yet fanciful spy novels and enjoy getting 'familiarised' with the lead characters think of a certain Israeli Mr Allon then you do NOT want to miss these books