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Y weaves its way through the darker recess of a disturbed mans psyche and his compulsion to murderThis book delves into the details of the killings and what triggered Nilsen to commit them From his reliance on alcohol and his loneliness to the extraordinary reasons behind why he bathed the dead bodies and kept them in his apartment for extended periods of t It was true to its word very descriptive and a very interesting read some upsetting descriptions in the book if you are that way inclined but I enjoyed

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Bonfire Bodies A Terrifying True Crime Story The Shocking Story of Serial Killer Dennis NilsenImeThis is his spine chilling story If youre a fan of true crime then this book is a must and opens the lid on one of the most chilling and notorious serial killers in British history It will make the flesh crawl under your skin Caution The material in this publication has a strong adult theme and is intended for an adult audience Reader discretion is advis Very overly dramatised book with reference to American products that is Brits cannot buy over here so the story does not make any factual senseI gave up after numerous references to Lucky Strike cigarettes was madeThis is a very English crime not an American tale

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EPUB ß MOBI Bonfire Bodies î A Terrifying True Crime Story FREE ✓ ROBERT BROWN Ü [Ebook] ➧ Bonfire Bodies: A Terrifying True Crime Story: The Shocking Story of Serial Killer Dennis Nilsen ➭ Robert Brown – Dcmdirect.co.uk Between 1978 and 1983 Dennis NilsenBetween 1978 and 1983 Dennis Nilsen murdered and mutilated at least 12 young men in London Many of these young men went under the radar socially which enabled Nilsens shocking killing spree to go undetected for years This True Crime Book lifts the lid on his sinister storyFrom his early upbringing in Scotland through to his final act as a free man this stor I enjoyed this book It's very short but extremely graphic and gripping It has lots of gruesome detail about Nilsen's awful interaction with his victims after he killed them both sexually and in terms of living with their corpses afterwards for months on end and the problems he encountered disposing of them A strong stomach is reuired This is the reality of true crime with lots of shocking details that the newspapers always leave out because it would be too much for people to handle A part of Nilsen felt revulsion at his serial killing but he simply couldn't stop Until he was stopped Removed from loneliness drink and the opportunity to kill young men he was a model prisoner for the remaining 35 years he spent in prison