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FREE READ The Catch: The perfect escapist thriller from the Sunday Times million-copy bestselling author of Richard & Judy pick The Holiday 107 ↠ ❰BOOKS❯ ⚦ The Catch: The perfect escapist thriller from the Sunday Times million-cCOMING MARCH The perfect ePUB #8608 THE BRAND NEW UNMISSABLE TM LOGAN THRILLER TRUST ME From the Sunday Times bestselling author of Richard Judy Book Club pick THE HOLIDAY comes the perfect escapist thriller She says hes perfect I know hes lyingHe caught me watching and our eyes metThat was when it hit meThere was something not uite right about my The Catch MOBI #181 daughters new boyfriend The doting fatherEd finally meets his daughters boyfriend for the first time Smart successful and handsome Ryan appears to be a real catch Then Abbie announces their plan to get marriedThe perfect fiancTheres just one problem Ed thinks Ryan is lying to themWho would you believeAll of Eds instincts tell him his daughter is in terrible Catch The perfect eBook #184 danger but no one else Catch The perfect escapist thriller MOBI #181. This is a fantastic thriller which makes you doubt yourself Ed and Claire are shocked when their daughter Abbie brings home her new boyfriend for the first time and announces they are to be married in a matter of weeks To all appearances Ryan seems to be the perfect catch Handsome clever ex military university educated with a good job It doesn't take long for him to win over Claire and Abbie's grandmother Joyce Ed however has a 'bad feeling' about Ryan Unable to persuade his daughter to have a long engagement he has a matter of weeks to prove he is right At points you are right behind Ed as Ryan definitely seems too good to be true Then you start to feel sympathy for Ryan he has done nothing wrong and is genuinely a nice guy This tension continues throughout It's a book which is so hard to put down and when you do step away it makes you think about what you just read and whose side you fall on The dynamics of a family are so well observed A brilliant read

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Can see it With the wedding date approaching fast Ed sets out to uncover Ryans secrets before its too lateThe Catch is such utterly compulsive reading you just have to talk about it it broke all records for the number of comments left when serialised by PigeonholeTense tight and totally absorbing Adele Parks Sunday Catch The perfect escapist thriller MOBI #181 Times bestselling author of Lies Lies LiesSmart intense and with a humdinger of a mid point twist I loved it Gillian McAllister Sunday Times bestselling authorTaut tense and compelling TM Logans talent is in creating characters with whom the reader instantly relates and then thrusting them into situations that reflect our deepest fears Thriller writing at its finest Simon Lelic TM Logans best yet Fully delivers on its killer premise Unsettling and so so enter. After reading The Holiday last year I couldn’t wait to read the next book by Logan and I wasn’t disappointedThis tells the story of Ed the father of Abbie who has just got engaged however Ed doesn’t trust the new man in his daughters life and can’t put his finger on whyOr is he just being an over productive dadThis is such an easy thriller to get in too It’s written in the perspective mainly of The dad however the other three main characters also lead some episodesI read this within a few days and love it Highly recommended

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The Catch The perfect escapist thriller from the Sunday Times million copy bestselling author of Richard & Judy pick The HolidayTaining The perfect thriller Caz FrearTricksy twisting instantly relatable and utterly compulsive TM Logan excels at creating characters you really care about and exposing them to your very worst fears in a way that is always smart suspenseful and thoroughly entertaining CM EwanPraise for the master of the it could be you thriller TM LoganAssured compelling and hypnotically readable with a twist at the end I guarantee you wont see coming Lee ChildI loved the intrigue it makes you think twice about going on holiday with friends B A ParisPerfect summer reading S R MastersPerfectly plotted and riveting with an exceptional ending Diane JeffreyHeart thumping suspense and the greatest twist sinceGone Girl Michele CampbellA moral dilemmaa pacy plotone gripping thriller I stayed up far too late reading this one Louise Jenso. I really enjoyed this bookThe Catch is about a relationship between a Dad and his Daughter Ed had his daughter Abbie have always had a special bond On the day she introduces her boyfriend Ryan to her parents she also tells them they are engaged and due to be married in a few weeksEd’s problem is that Ryan is too perfect there is something about him that doesn’t sit right with him so he sets out to get information about him Sneaking around behind his wife and daughters back may well cost him everything thoughThis book kept me guessing until the very end Most of the time Ryan had a perfectly plausible explanation for the things Ed thought were strange and in some parts Ed did seem to be taking his uest to delve in to Ryan’s past too far so when his wife Claire and Abbie got upset with him I could see whyNeedless to say I really enjoyed the reveal and I would recommend this bookOne thing to mention is that I loved that this book is set in Nottingham which is also where TM Logan lives I knew exactly the part of the City he was talking about so this gave excellent imagery to the places he describedNot sure the residents of Bestwood would appreciate them though 😆