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Review ↠ The Heatwave: The bestselling Richard & Judy 2020 Book Club psychological suspense ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ [PDF] ✓ The Heatwave: The bestselling Richard & Judy 2020 Book Club psychological suspense By Kate Riordan – DcmdiTHE MUST READ RICHARD JUDY BOOK CLUB The bestselling Epub #217 THRILLER PICKA sultry gorgeously written and hugely atmospheric thriller with a dark compelling mystery at its heart LUCY FOLEY bestselling author of The Hunting The Heatwave MOBI #181 PartyChilling addictive and had me on the edge of my seat Reader ReviewElodie was beautiful Elodie was smart Elodie was troubled Elodie is deadSylvie hasnt been back to her crumbling French Heatwave The bestselling Epub #222 family home in years Not since the death of her eldest daughter. Brilliant psychological suspense set in the South of France in the early 90s with atmospheric flashbacks that ramp up the tension So evocative of that time and place small bottles of Orangina fluorescent bracelets and heaps of tension The characters all feel so real that they provoke genuine emotional reactions in the reader I could genuinely have kicked Greg and honestly wanted to shout at him

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ElodieEvery corner of the old house feels haunted by memories of her memories she has tried to forgetBut as temperatures Heatwave The bestselling RichardPDF or rise and forest fires rage through the French countryside a long buried family secret is about to come to lightBecause theres something Sylvies been hiding about what really happened to Elodie that summerAnd it could change everythingA tense psychological drama that brilliantly evokes its South of France setting Terrific summer escapism Daily MailPerfect page turner of a t. This was a book that transported me to the South of France where we meet Sylvie who has gone back to her family home where she grew up with her sister after part of the house has been on fire She takes her daughter Emma with her and a lot of the plot of the book is told by Sylvie as if she is talking to her daughterSylvie tells the story of her life from the birth of her first daughter Elodie with her husband who travels for work all the time and as the story develops it becomes sinister and compelling leaving the reader wanting to know All is not as it seems hereThe house La Reverie and the events of the past hold many mysteries and as the story unravels Emma has always understood her older sister had died I don't want to give away the plot but the sinister unnerving goings on at the house in the past and present kept me awake long into the night Even the fires which surround the area and are encroaching ever nearer adds to the sense of something is not right for me it felt very creepy and forebodingIf you want to be transported to a idyllic hideaway where a mother is trying to cope with trying to understand her family dynamics and struggling at times to know what to do then this is the book for you As it moves towards its conclusion I found myself having great sympathy for Sylvie and it was page turner in every sense of the word

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The Heatwave The bestselling Richard & Judy 2020 Book Club psychological suspenseHriller RedSultry atmospheric and unsettling a book to lose yourself in this summer ERIN KELLY bestselling author of He Said She SaidAtmospheric and unsettlingsuspenseful drama Good HousekeepingMust read book of the summer Culture FlyThe only book you need this summer Gripping well paced and full of thrills Reader ReviewWelcome to Provence for a holiday stay you will not forget in a hurry Reader ReviewPraise for Kate RiordanRich and atmospheric Rachel HoreThe perfect summer read Rachel RhysHad me absolutely gripped Louise Candlish. Brilliant psychological novel set in France there is an overriding feeling of something not right within the family setup from the beginning Evocative and atmospheric leading up to an inevitable end